Tourist visa for India question

For those that have gone to India before…on the tourist visa application where it asks for a reference in India, what did people put down?


  • Call Tauck and ask them if you can’t find it on the page for the tour links

  • Thanks

  • @Stm how are you finding the E Visa process? We are going in March and need to fill out the info mid February.

  • This is the link we used. We went in October. It was very easy and we could print out the visa in a couple days.

  • Thank you, Mimi travels! That is the site I have looked at. Happy to hear it was an easy process.

  • Marla526…there were a few questions that were confusing but I was able to google it and got our visa within 48 hours on-line….They will want a reference in India…apparently using the first hotel you are staying at works along with name of the hotel manager….I called the hotel to get the information……I wrote NA on a couple questions but it escapes me now what they were….I was not sure visa would go through with NA as an answer but it did…..and when it asked “what is your assessment”, apparently it means profession…(I had to google that,). We also had to compact our passport so it was a small enough JPEG size (I don’t understand this particular language, my husband was able to do that)….

    We got a 5 year visa, in case we decide to go back….the application was doable, but not something I would want to do again next year…lol….enjoy!

  • Thank you so much, Susan! Those are great hints and excellent translations of questions that probably would have tripped me up! Definitely will be back to read your comments again in a few weeks.

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