Japan 2024

Any words on the change in hotels to the Shang-ri La in Tokyo? How about restaurant suggestions on Day 2? Day 3? Any changes on Day 7 & 8 due to the terrible earthquake to the nearby region of Kanazawa? We commence our trip April 22. Looking forward to it.


  • The change in Tokyo hotel is because the Park Hyatt will be under renovation. I will be taking this trip later this year and was disappointed to hear of the change.

  • We will be on the April 8th tour and we are also wondering if the itinerary will be changed due to the earthquake.
    A question regarding bringing meds into the country...do prescribed meds need to be in their original containers along with a note from the doctor?
    And what about vitamins and over the counter supplements. If they are just in a "day by day dispenser"- how would authorities know what they are? Would love to have clarification.

  • I've never had any problem with meds in a "day by day" dispenser. If you take opioids, I'd bring them in the original container and maybe a note from your doctor.

  • Hotels are not the important part of visiting Japan unless you have chance to stay in a temple or Onsen. The sites, the food and the people are the best aspects
    We went in September. I did not take meds In original containers and nobody one asked to see them .

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