Morocco December 2023 - Fantastic Family Experience

This was our 6th Tauck trip, fourth with our adult children.

We had 24 ppl and 8 were adult children in their twenties traveling with parents for the holidays. Was a great experience for everyone!

Chris Morrison our tour director was the best TD we have had with Tauck, and all of our tour directors have been outstanding over the years. Chris engaged with every member of the tour, ensuring our very diverse group had an amazing time…he was a fantastic host making this an incredible family experience. I cannot say enough about Chris, he made every day memorable….a few examples: a fantastic birthday celebration New Year’s Eve for a fellow guest that included music and a Congo line; mimosas on the roadside overlooking a beautiful dessert vista, the film Casablanca, on the drive to Casablanca, complete with pop corn! Infinite patience at a visit to an herb store that evolved into a comedic impromptu auction.

Chris did an amazing job creating great experiences while concurrently giving back to the local community. Families, children, random dogs and cats would literally run up to Chris to greet him and Chris always had kind words, genuine interest/conversations for the people and treats for the dogs and cats!

We are often asked if Tauck is worth the price, after every trip we evaluate our experience and the cost…. The answer continues to be an emphatic YES! The amazing tour directors and their ability to create outstanding experiences while being kind, authentic and engaging to both the Tauck guests AND all the local guides, hotel and restaurant staff, families and impromptu encounters (including four legged kind) is the differentiation between Tauck and all others.


  • Chris Morrison was my TD for K&T — he was phenomenal!! Couldn’t ask for better!! We ran into him in Marrakech as our trip to Morocco was ending. We enjoyed drinks and great conversation with him. The nicest most compassionate guy. WICKED!!

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    Yep, we had Chris Morrison as the TD for Morocco, also. He was especially great. Our luggage was lost and we didn't recover it for six days. Chris loaned me some of his clothes. He's slender (compared to me), but I managed to fit into his clothes. That's above and beyond - giving the shirt off your back :)

    I have a picture of him at
    Also, one here -

    If you go to the start of the first webpage, there's some interesting information about Morocco's history and at the start of the second webpage, there are pictures of the goat tree.

  • We had Chris Morrison as our TD in Morocco and he was beyond wonderful! The first day we came was a Sunday and the ATM machine at the bank took my husband's card and didn't give it back. The bank was not scheduled to open until the next morning after the coach had left for the tour. Chris stayed back and accompanied my husband to the bank together with a person from the hotel who acted as a translator. After retrieving the ATM card, Chris and my husband caught up with the group by taxi. WICKED!!

    FYI: The hotel would only exchange US currency if the bills were in pristine condition.

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