Amazing gorilla clip

If you have been on a Gorilla trekking trip or are considering going on one, this brings back memories of our experience which is gosh, now five years ago. You can see the ‘jungle’ or more accurately the Forest conditions you will encounter and how fast the gorillas move which is quite unnerving. I do hope I can find this new documentary online soon which is called Silverback, about how gorillas have to be habituated to humans. There is a further clip you can access at the end of the piece.
Earning the trust of a 40-stone silverback gorilla


  • How far did u have to walk into your hike till u saw silverbacks at gorillas nest Rwanda?

  • Gorillas Nest is the name of the hotel.
    You are taken to the sort of ‘base camp’ where everyone is divided up into groups, you meet your trackers/guide and they tell you about the group of gorillas you will go to find and the name of the group and a bit about their history. So there is a bit of waiting around for a while. Then you meet your driver and they take you to the start point of your trek. There, you meet your personal porter and you start the trek. Our trek started over open fields and of course you are heading up towards the forest. It was a narrow track and a bit muddy and you had to watch your step.It was humid. Then you get to the forest with very dense foliage, including huge stinging nettles. The trackers and porters cut back the foliage with machetes and you follow closely remaining quiet. Once the gorillas are located, the porters stay behind and the group goes with the guide. Our group trekked for about an hour, it was hard work because of the elevation and humidity. Some groups have to trek for hours to find their gorillas.
    I’m a little confused about your term, silverbacks. There is usually just one silverback, although our group had two, one of course was the dominant male. Our group of gorillas was supposed to be a family of 24 but we just saw about 17 of them. A truly wonderful experience. I suggest you read up about gorillas and their behaviors or watch some documentaries about them before you go.

  • I am planning on it. I just meant “ silverbacks” referring to the family of gorillas. I am you tubing and google great info for the next few months. Thks for ur input;)

  • Reading up on as well as silverbacks in volcano national park:)

  • The silverback is not the family. The silverback is the large dominant male who has a silver back. He is much larger than the other gorillas and I think very handsome

  • Now that’s a alpha male:)

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    This talks about an important part of Rwanda’s story. The tour includes a visit to the Genocide museum which despite what it is all about should not be missed

    By the way, the countryside you drive through to get to Volcanoes Nat. park is gorgeous and the people so colorful.

  • British, my last TD recommended this trip for me. He said he thought the tour included a visit/stay to the home of my college friends, Susie and “Jungle Jack” Hanna. Jack has advanced dementia now, but he and Susie have done so much to preserve the gorilla population of Rwanda.

  • Sandy. You can see their home in the grounds of the hotel. You might se the research center sponsored by Ellen de Genereux. The foundation was all that was there when we went.

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