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Have visited the required web site ,put in information and generated a QR code for entry. I was puzzled by the section that generated a QR code for tax free procedure. Do we need to get this one also?
Also there is a section in which you put in your entry to country details. Is there also a section that you must detail you plans to leave Japan? One part is titled returns but only has spaces for arrival information.
Perhaps the website is translated into English which is making it difficult for me to figure out what information required. Any insights much appreciated. Thank you. We are on tour in May


  • This form is as I understand it is only a voluntary form to speed up the process of immigration.My husband filled ours out before we went in September and he is not here to ask. It must have been easy or I’m sure he would have been moaning about it. 😀
    You can fill out the tax form if you want but it is unlikely you will be able to claim much taxes back for most of your purchases and it can take a lot of time at the airport to do it for your return home.
    If there is nowhere for return paperwork, then don’t worry
    Japan is my favorite country.

  • British - How far in advance can this form be completed? We are also going in May. Any advice on airfare for business class?

  • I would not do it too early in case they change or dispense with it.
    We flew JAL I think. Sorry can’t ask Mr B I’m already out for the day. Our tour began in Tokyo and ended in Osaka and we live in Philly. We flew from Osaka to Tokyo and then onwards coming home.

  • British - thank you! We are flying from Orlando. I think we can get JAL from here. I'll check it out.

  • For our Oct 2023 trip we completed the visit Japan website around the time we received the final documents from Tauck (5 weeks prior to trip?) There is a section on the site that requires input on the exact address of where you are staying… we needed the address of the hotel in Tokyo. Obtaining the visit Japan QR code made our customs entry quite speedy. (We did not complete the info to get the tax free QR… it is not required. If you plan on purchasing some expensive items, then it may be worth your time to obtain that additional QR code.)

  • If you need help filling in the "Visit Japan" website, call Tauck. They have a department specifically geared towards helping people with visas, the Japan website, etc. I called and received step by step assistance as I filled in the required information. I wanted to make sure I was doing everything correctly. That department operates Mon-Fri 9am to about 5pm (I think).
    We will be on the April 8th tour...looking forward to it!

  • The visit Japan website is easy compared to other countries

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