I am elderly and am taking this cruise early June. I was wondering how strenuous the excursions are and if there are any suggestions about the tours?


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    Welcome. Tauck gives an overview of the fitness level they suggest for all their different tours.
    I am I guess elderly at 70, but I can walk miles at a time, so I think the best thing to do is talk to someone at Tauck, tell them your abilities so they can advise you. On river cruises, they do offer easier options on some excursions.
    We went on a Tauck small ship cruise last year, a very easy tour in our opinion, but friends we met found it really tough, see how it depends on each individual.

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    Kiwigal - There will be one tour director who will escort those on the 'slow' group. Most will also take alternative walking routes to avoid steps and cut down on walking time. The best thing to do is to let the directors know at the beginning of the tour and/or when you first meet them at the pre-tour hotel.

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    We are going on this trip on June 9. Anyone else?

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