Importance of Giving Tour Feedback to Tauck

I recently received a letter from Tauck wondering why I had not completed the end-of-tour feedback after my 2023 Dec tour. The Customer Relations Manager was most gracious and asked if I would complete the feedback form which she enclosed along with a stamped return envelope.

For background purposes, our cruise director mentioned the feedback forms were no longer being used since they were now digital. We were given a QR code and the incentive of receiving a gift if we provided feedback. He mentioned that on the tour before ours the submission rate was only 39%, abysmal in my opinion. I completed the feedback, as I always do, and even showed the cruise director the screen shot of the successful transmission.

Obviously, something went wrong somewhere. Nonetheless, I completed the feedback form (the same one always distributed) and returned it to Tauck with additional feedback.

My point is to reiterate how important these forms (whether hard copy or digital) are and how seriously Tauck takes receiving and acting upon feedback. I do not mean for my post to start a debate about the format of the feedback...just that providing the feedback is extremely important to Tauck.


  • We had a similar experience last year on the Scottish Isles trip. We turned in a questionnaire at the farewell dinner. A couple of months later we got the letter saying we did not complete the questionnaire and please complete it and send this one back. At that time a lot was not fresh in our minds anymore. The ball was dropped somewhere.

  • Interesting. Makes sense to have a digital copy. Sometimes after we have completed the form when it is handed out early, something happens that we might have wanted to include on our feedback. With a QR code, I’m assuming for instance it could be something to do while we wait for our plane home, rather than to have to rush to do it before the Farewell dinner when we could be packing or relaxing.
    First I heard of a digital format.

  • On our most recent tour we were told by the TD that the old forms (where the comments were "confidential" if properly folded) were not being used and they had to give out the new forms. We got a photocopy form that looked similar to the prior ones. I filled it out and put it in the hotel envelope. Got a responsive reply unlike the last two tours we took - one that acknowledged a form we did not submit telling us how much we enjoyed the trip (we had issues) and the other that was pure pro forma and not responsive. My husband never got a response to his separate form. The most recent reply was refreshing and reflected someone actually read the form. Have not done a digital form.

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