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Any comments on what to pack for this trip in June? We recently did the Tauck land tour of Spain and Portugal and the clothing guidelines from Tauck were a lot dressier than what people actually brought.


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    You'll get so many opinions on this. We've been traveling with Tauck since 2004 & have noticed people have gotten much more casual these past 3-6 years or so. My husband no longer brings a Sportcoat unless it says it is "required." We go over for at least 3 weeks each time and we don't have room in our luggage for fancy clothes or things we will only wear once - heavy, large luggage is impossible on a train (and we always end up on one pre or post Tauck tour).

    We leave Saturday for a River Cruise and there is a special dinner in a palace that says SPORTCOAT RECOMMENDED (NOT REQUIRED) - the only reason he is bringing one is because the weather is 40-50 - if it were Summer and hot, no way would he bring one - nice pants and a button up are fine. But it's really up to you . . .

    You'll see resort casual and fancy - some people like to dress up - we just don't have room. We have also seen there is not a lot of time to dress up - by the time we get back on the boat, it's time for cocktails and dinner. We look nice and we blend in. On our past 4 tours, we didn't see very many people dressed up at all. Do what you like - it's your vacation.

    To answer your question - he takes pants and button ups or thin sweaters or golf shirts (with a base layer if it's cool). I take black pants and blouses (maybe a scarf to change it up) - we typically wear what we had on all day to dinner also - we don't have room for 2 outfits a day - we mix and match and re-wear. It's dinner, it's not a prom or formal wedding.

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    Terrilynn, I’m in your camp about packing for a trip. I’ve learned to think smarter; not harder. The goal is to mix and match with accessories and/or costume jewelry if desired. You are also spot on about having time to change into nicer clothes after being on excursions all day. I would prefer to shower and I know there is never time for that. I also don’t have room in my suitcase when I have to carry it onto a train to arrive at another destination. I did that once with a heavier suitcase and vowed not to repeat that mistake. Enjoy your trip.

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    Its definitely more casual on river cruises than our first in 2014. Even the crew dresses more casually. We dress nicely but not formally. I do change shoes most evenings but more to give my feet a break. Everything gets worn 2-3 times. No space for single wear items.

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    Hi Terrilynn:

    Since this topic is about the "Cruising the Seine plus Paris and London" river cruise, I assume you are on the Tour that begins in London on April 1. We will be on the "Impressions from The Seine, Paris to Normandy" departing Paris on April 10. After looking over all of the Paris River Cruises traveling down the Seine, it appears your cruise will be ending in Paris on April 10th, which is the day we will board the Sapphire for our cruise. LOL. It looks like the river levels are back to normal, which is a good thing. I am sure you must have received the letter from Tauck about possible interruptions to the itinerary in France due to the Olympics and 80th D Day Anniversary. They stated that these two events will bring an estimated 15.3 million visitors to the Paris metro area and disruptions could occur several weeks or even months prior to the Olympics. I guess they just wanted to give us a "heads up", but I hope it doesn't have a major impact on the itinerary and that we can still go to Versailles. I am thinking it may affect some of the sites in Paris, like the Museums or Opera Garnier, which is part of the bus tour on our itinerary. Well, it should be interesting and a substitution may be a welcome surprise. Sometimes it is fun not knowing what to expect. Enjoy your cruise and I will be interested in your review once you return. I will also write a review upon my return.

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    travel maven - I agree with your comment about there being an unexpected change in itinerary at times. Although it has seldomly occurred, we have found the alternatives to be just as enjoyable and rewarding as the original plan. It is just part of the adventure!

    Have a great journey. I look forward to reading your 'impressions.'

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    TravelMaven - No, we leave Saturday for the Swiss Alps River Cruise (Switzerland, Germany, France, Amsterdam). I will post a review.
    We are doing the Seine May 2025.

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    Terrilynn: Ooops! I don't remember seeing the Swiss Alps Cruise listed, looks like a good one. Enjoy. Good decision to delay your Seine River cruise to 2025, I think it is going to be a bit insane traveling thru France over the next few months, especially Paris. I should probably have thought this one thru a bit better.

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