Euros and pounds

If anyone has done this trip in the past year, did you get local currency before you went? I'm planning to get some Euros before I go but wondered about getting British pounds since the time there is limited.


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    I wouldn't worry about pounds. You'll only be in an area needing them for a small part of the tour. Credit cards will work and if not there are atms.

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    I did this trip last year. I brought some euros, because I always like to have local currency with me when I arrive and not have to rely on finding an ATM when I'm tired. I got more euros from time to time from ATMs during the trip. I believe that I also brought some pounds from home (I usually have euros and GBPs on hand, in the hope and expectation that I will get back "across the pond") but recall that our TD gave us each 20 GBP twice while we were in Northern Ireland. That said, I used credit cards for most purchases.

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    Thank you both for your comments. I think I will forego the pounds and just do the Euros. I like to have them when I arrive as well and can get more as I need them from ATMs. I was planning to use a credit card for purchases as well. I appreciate your feedback!

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