Going on the May 24, 2024 tour

Anyone else on this tour? We're arriving a day early (on the 23rd) at 7:10 am from Newark. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


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    No but booked for next year please please comeback here and write a review after. Best of luck on a good tour.

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    I just looked at the itinerary for that trip. There’s an amazing hiking trail in Geiranger but it doesn’t look like Tauck offers it. I don’t know if you could do it yourself, but when we went to that area, it was really the highlight.

    It is a six mile hike, so don’t attempt it unless you can walk that far comfortably. They now do the hike in the opposite direction from the direction we did it. Here are some pictures and commentary about the hike.


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    We are as well. Coming in from Miami

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    we are flying out of EWR a day early to meet friends. Looking forward to the trip!

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    We are also on this tour, and also arriving a day early (the 23rd) -- at 9:05 am from Washington Dulles via Frankfurt. Looking forward to the trip and to meeting everyone. Rick and Donna

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