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I saw a review of this tour that said Tauck scheduled too much on this tour. I was wondering what others thought? It seems that there is 50/50 tour/leisure time on this tour but am not sure now.

And, if we decided to skip a morning tour and go off to exp;ore on our own, would the tour director have a problem with that?



  • I haven't taken the tour to E/S/W yet, but from what others have said on their messages, your answer is "no", the schedule isn't too heavy to have time for your own things. I've already made some plans mentally, since I can't make them until next June or July, closer to my trip time.

    RLMSLL mentioned taking a boat trip in Bath and dinner, shopping in Chester, as well as an afternoon in London. Also believe there is free time in Edinburgh. Check the other forums to be sure for yourself. I've nevr spent more than 2 days in London and still did a lot and had time to just stroll. Stopped at Hatchard's which is next door to Fortum & Mason's. Have fun.
  • And, once you get there, discuss you plans with the Tour Director once you see what your tour schedule is going to be. On all the tours with Tauck that we have been on so far, other guests have worked their plans into the tour schedule, and as long as it could meet the requirements of the tour schedule, and that the Tour Director knew of these deviations, it happened. So we feel confident that things have a very good chance of being worked out.
  • As long as not travel can always opt out of the planned tours and do your own thing. You just let the TD know not to expect you.
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    We took this tour last July. There are plenty of opportunities to do more or less than planned. Most free time is listed on the itinerary. Except before and after, there is probably not enough time for long side trips or a round of golf, but plenty of time to do your own thing- but you should plan ahead for those. Also, each guide will likely offer a few of his own optional extra activities. I mention some below

    Here are some examples of how you can manage your time and select what you want or do not want to do:

    Arrive a day or two early in Edinburgh and sleep until the tour begins or arrive early and visit Hopetoun house, take a short train ride to watch a jousting tournament at Linlithgow Castle/Palace, visit the golf Mecca of St. And rews, visit local Craigmillar Castle seen on Amazing Race, tour HMY Britannia, visit Rosslyn Chapel made famous by Dan Brown in the Davinci Code - hire car/driver, take tour, take local bus. We did Britannia, Craigmillar, Rosslyn Chapel, etc. on our own by Lothian buses- great public transportation.

    After visiting Edinburgh Castle take Tauck bus back hotel to rest or go to the spa, or walk the Royal Mile, do some shopping, go to the museum, eat in town.

    Langdale- after pub dinner take bus back to hotel or walk back along a bucolic fell with the guide. Likewise after another day trip walk with the guide amongst the fields and fells (streams).

    Chester, after a guided tour of the historic city wall which dates from Roman Times, sit in a coffee shop and wait for the bus, or tour the city, do some shopping, visit the cathedral.

    Visit Wordsworth's Dove cottage or walk through and hang out in the little town (one of us did each)

    In Stratford-Upon-Avon visit Shakespeare's house, tour the town and stroll along the river or just hang out in a bistro

    In Bath go on the guided walking tour of the Royal Crescent etc. take the audio guided tour of the Roman Baths and continue on the your own to explore the city, or not.

    After the Blenheim Palace tour return via bus without visiting adjacent quaint Cotswold town of Woodstock.

    In Oxford, take the guided walking tour of the University buildings and Trinity College, etc. or not. If your guide takes a group of volunteers to experience and "Evensong" at a old college church in the evening at Oxford join him or not.

    The first afternoon/evening in London, do what you want- take the Millenium bridge right by the hotel and visit the Eye. Take the tube anywhere, see a stage play or musical, or visit long lost friends or ancestors' home.

    The bottom line, as someone said in a Tauck forum somewhere- this is a tour, not a vacation where you go to unwind. We took advantage of almost every scheduled and unscheduled opportunity. By the end of the tour we were tired but had a truly fantastic time.
  • We have taken eight land tours and one river tour with Tauck. I would say the pacing of this trip is about average, and by "average" I mean "spectacular" in terms of organization, pacing and opportunities to opt-out of certain activities in an unobtrusive manner.

    We agree with an earlier posting that arrival a few days ahead, and lingering a few days at the end allows for quality "vacation" time with no need to meet the tour schedule.

    If arriving at the very starting day, without adequate time-zone adjustment, just about any activity, including the initial kickoff dinner will seem like way too much activity!

    Without active pacing via the tour, we would have missed more than half of the attractions along the way, sleeping late, getting trapped in touristy shopping venues, etc.

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