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How are the rooms at the Langdon ? Big, small, modern?


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    For our England, Scotland and Wales tour that starts on 10th August we stay at the Royal Horseguards in London. Which trip are you on that stays at the Langdon?
  • Thinking of booking castle and kings tour this summer. Can you stay in England a few days ahead of tour and see countryside? Can you find out ages of kids on certain tours and book that tour that works best for you.
  • First of all, a lot of the dates are already full, so you need to book soon! If you call and book with Tauck directly as we always do, they may tell you information about other travelers, not sure. I am a former Brit, whenever you arrive before the trip, Tauck will collect you from the airport to your hotel ,but not sure they will if you are not staying at the hotel the tour begins from which according to the website is not the Langdon. The Tauck hotel looks very nice, why not stay there. If you are planning a tripto the countryside, first consider your jet lag, you will be very tired the first day from missing a night's sleep on the way over. It may take as long as3 days for your body clock to change over. If you are not familiar with. England do not attempt to go to the countryside yourselves, driving on. The left and very heavy traffic from central London. I am sure the hotel concierge would find you a good bus trip,I might suggest Bath, a lovely Georgian architectural city plus the Roman baths! I have never been to Bath from the London direction, so not sure what countryside you will pass through. The Brits are always building new roads to bypass small villages, so it might all be highway. If you go to London in August, Buckingham Palace is open for tours so you can book that in advance on their website, definitely book in advance and be sure to. Find the official b palace website. If I were you with children, there is so much to see in London, it literally would take weeks to do it all,I would concentrate on seeing all that for most of your extra time
  • To the people who are considering the King's & Castles tour: Check your itinerary before seeking out other areas. It would make more sense to stay in London After your tour. That's what I'm doing. I am also moving to another hotel since the one on the tour is very expensive. I'm sure it will be very nice, but I'm already paying for an extra night at the Sheraton Grand in Edinburgh and that's even more expensive than the Royal Horseguards. The only immediate areas not covered by the tour I'm taking are Kent and Yorkshire. Since I've been to the UK twice before, I'm not too worried about jet lag by the time I get to London. I plan to stay another week. There are several things I always do in London - have tea at some venue and take a cruise on the Thames. The first time in any city I take the double-decker bus tour to see what I"d like to do while in town.

    Those cities not covered by your tour can probably be seen through day trips from London. They won't be as in-depth if you spent several days there, but you'll know if you'd like to spend more time there at a future date. Scour the Forum for ideas of what to do in your free time. Some day trips includes 3-4 stops. Check web sites such as, premium tours, golden tours, evan evans tours and Some of the tour companies pick-up at certain hotels, some tours require you meet at a certain location, like Victoria Bus Station or Kings Cross rail station. Have a good time whatever your decide to do. It's a wonderful country rich in history. I'll have to check out the Castles and Kings tour.
  • I've looked at the King's and Castles tour: If it were me, I'd go back to London at the end of the K&C tour to explore England/London. There are day trips to Bath, Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, etc. Plus there is a ton of stuff to do in London depending on your interests. You may want to decide on your interests then choose your hotel. I'm staying a week there after my tour and chose hotel nearby to the one on the tour. It's not as pricey, but not as inexpensive as I'd like. However, some of our day tours pick up at our hotel so that's a plus. And I wanted to be reasonably close to Victoria Bus Station. Plus there's a lot of history in walking distance. Since you get a transfer to the airport though your tour, talk to your Tour Director and see if it can be used later or exchanged for one to Heathrow. You'll be over any jet lag if you wait until the after your tour is over before going off on your own.

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