video camera

Would a small handheld video camera be useful or just use the video on the digital camera?( I realize that is going to take more memory.)


  • I have never taken a videocam on a trip but am considering doing so for an upcoming Tauck African safari.

    While my DSLR can shoot HD video, I think it may just be too large, a little difficult to hold for video, and not really well suited for any video I may shoot, especially if it has a telephoto lens and no special mount or tripod. The big complaints I have with most amateur video is that the photographer allows the camera to shake and roughly pans it too quickly and too often. Since any video I take will be for me, friends and family, and not for publication or profit, taking pictures and videos will be a distant second to enjoying the trip real time.

    After thinking about one for awhile and seeing a report about it on CBS 60 Minutes, I am leaning towards buying a small GoPro. They are reasonably priced, incredibly small, lightweight (2.6 oz.), and easy to use and shoot great HD videos (including slow motion and, stop action) and stills, - actually good enough to use for TV sports and adventure shows and TV reality shows like Amazing Race. Actually the camera received an Emmy Award!. People use them while surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sky diving, hang gliding, skiing, sailing, mountain climbing, etc. etc.

    I think one would be great for filming in the Galapagos since they are environmentally protected and waterproof to 130' - great for a wet landing or if it rains. You can film on land or get a small pole mount and take photos of the underwater creatures from a Zodiac or shore without getting wet. Check them out on their website or Amazon. They are available at most camera stores and large retailers like Target, Walmart, etc. (I sound like a salesman and don't even have mine!)


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