Matzoh for Passover

We have been trying to get Tauck to provide Matzoh for Passover on the April 18th Belgium and Holland in Spring north bound trip.

Having been on Tauck trips before there are usually 25% or more of the passengers who are Jewish. I can not understand why they have flat out said no to this request. It is kind of hard to carry Matzoh in our luggage.

I am hopeful that Tauck will reconsider. It would only take a small effort to purchase this in Brussels for those guests who will be observing this holiday while on vacation.



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    Hello Bette, I really don't see why Tauck should provide something that you could easily take yourself. If that is a big problem for you, then I feel you should have elected to travel at a different time. To provide for one religion but not another would be a difficult path to open, you would have others asking them to provide Easter eggs for example, and they certainly are a more delicate item. I don't think this is a fair comment to make of Tauck, or are you making some kind of joke?
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    You beat me to it British. I found Bette's comment appeared designed to put Tauck into an untenable position. To put it bluntly this is your problem. If you wish to travel during a religious period for you then the responsibility for providing religious food is yours not Tauck's. I too hope this question was designed as a joke or perhaps for your next holiday you choose a company specifically set-up for your religious beliefs.
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    Hi Bette,

    You should have received an email on this yesterday afternoon, I just wanted to let you know here as well, that we have requested that the ships management have Matzoh available on your departure, and they have advised us that they can accommodate your request.
    We hope you have a wonderful trip and a very Happy Passover.

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    Thank you Tim. I did get the email and appreciate your accommodating this request.
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    I'm glad to see Tauck helped Bette. It's ridiculous to think she should bring her own matzoh and take it to meals with her.

    Are my fellow travelers so inhospitable they consider this a viable option? It makes me wonder about them.

    It's no more difficult than feeding my friends on gluten-free, high-carb or low-carb diets. I don't make them bring their own meals to my home.

    Just be nice.

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