Scandinavia tour starting June 15th

Looking for anyone on this tour. Final payment due in 2 weeks. Can't wait. I will be flying in on June 14th to see a few sights and get some sleep before the start of the trip.


  • crackers54 wrote:
    Looking for anyone on this tour. Final payment due in 2 weeks. Can't wait. I will be flying in on June 14th to see a few sights and get some sleep before the start of the trip.

    Starting 10 weeks from today. Would love info on past tours or connecting with anyone taking the tour.
  • Took this tour last year and it was wonderful. If you have any specific questions, I would be happy to answer them.
  • lovesgolf1 wrote:
    Took this tour last year and it was wonderful. If you have any specific questions, I would be happy to answer them.

    Any thing you did outside of tour that you feel is really worth it or place you ate at would be great. What time of year did you go?
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    We went in early August and had great weather for the most part. It was a little rainy in Bergen (Norway) and Norway in general was a little cooler than Sweden and Denmark. In fact, Sweden was having a heat wave.
    We got to Stockholm two days prior to the start of the tour and walked around Old Town (walking distance from the hotel) for a few hours the first day. We had lunch at a cafe in a square right near the Nobel Museum which was recommended by the Concierge. After lunch we went into the museum and had an English speaking guide who explained many of the things in the museum (it is pretty small but somewhat interesting and once you get to Oslo you can visit City Hall which is the venue of the Nobel Peace Prize Presentations). The next day we took a canal ride around Stockholm which was very relaxing and we enjoyed it. We also visited the Jewish Museum which was quite small and a little disappointing and a very long walk from the hotel. The first day of the tour you will have the afternoon free and we asked to be dropped off near the Great Synagogue. There was someone who gave us a guided tour and spoke to us for quite a long time and was extremely knowledgeable. You may also want to see the changing of the guards at the Royal Palace in Old Town.
    As for dinner in Stockholm, one night we ate dinner at Riche and we really enjoyed that. It was a fun place with famous people (none of whom we knew but the locals did). Another night we had dinner at Fem Sma Hus which was also quite good and is located in Old Town. Both were recommended by our Tauck tour guide and were walking distance from the hotel.
    We took a canal boat ride in Copenhagen as well and it too was relaxing and interesting. Tauck will also give you tickets to go to Tivoli Gardens where you can walk around and have dinner one night. One of the afternoons we had lunch on our own on Nyhavn, a very pretty street with lots of cafes.
    In Oslo, there was not a lot of time to do much (one afternoon) but we went to the City Hall and walked around the wharf area. We had dinner at the wharf in a restaurant call Louise also on the Tauck list. If you like muscles, this is a great place to eat them.
    We did not stay any extra days after the tour ended in Bergen. We did take the funicular to the top of one of Bergen's seven hills. We also walked around the fish market and around the wharf which is very pretty.
  • Do any of the hotels on the Scandinavia trip have guest/coin laundries? This information always helps me pack appropriately. Thanks!
  • Thank you lovestogolf. That will be helpful. I wish they did 2 days in Oslo, but what to give up to get it in 14 days. I have extra day at both ends of the trip so will have time to do stuff and maybe relax at the end.
  • BucketLister, I cannot answer the question about the laundry since I never do my own laundry on vacation. If you look on each individual hotel's website, it may say whether they have a guest laundry.

    Crackers54, we all commented on the comment cards that we needed another day in Oslo. It was too rushed. Some people had return flights through Oslo from Bergen and if that were the case for us, we probably would have added a day or so at the stopover on the way home. Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo are very walkable cities and the hotels are centrally located so you will not be at a loss of what to do. I see that they changed the Oslo hotel since last year but I think the hotel they use now is just as centrally located. Since you have traveled with Tauck before, you know that the tour guide will give you lists of many suggestions as to what to do, which is always helpful. When we checked in early in Stockholm, our packet of suggestions was already waiting for us. I did not know much about Bergen before we went on this tour but it too had many suggestions of things to do on your own. If I remember correctly, none of the hotels in Norway had air conditioning since they claim they do not need it. As Americans, we are spoiled and still love our air conditioning. In the Hotel Alexander (in Leon), we were told that it was safe to keep your sliding glass door open all night for fresh air. We did that and it was great. In Norway, the waterfalls were incredible. Everywhere you looked there was another beautiful waterfall. Magnificent scenery.

    My best suggestion for taking a 14 day tour where you stay in 8 different locations is to buy yourself "Eagle Creek Packing Folders". They are simple to use and make packing and unpacking very simple. We just remove the entire folder and put it on a shelf or in a drawer and your clothing stays neat and does not get wrinkled from going in and out of your suitcase. We also use the "packing cubes" for underwear, etc. We have taken 8 Tauck Tours besides traveling on our own and always find these items to be VERY helpful.
  • Lovesgolf1, have the waterproof shoes ordered and getting really excited.

    I do have an odd question- how much travel is over narrow mountain roads?

  • road1, not sure you are posting on the right tour. No water shoes are needed for this tour. Also not sure what you are asking about the narrow mountain roads. Most roads are highways. One spot in Norway was up a narrow mountain road for a view. Some people chose not to go all the way up and were dropped off at a hotel to wait for our return.
  • Someone's trip report for Scandinavia mentioned that it was cool and wet wet for most of their trip and that waterproof shoes were a must as well as a raincoat and an umbrella.

    The mountain view part is exactly what I was asking about.
  • Road1, on day 11, when you drive to Dalsnibba, you are on a tight mountain road. The bus drivers are fabulous and very experienced so they easily navigate this road. You will never feel uneasy on the drive. If you are concerned then you can sit in the aisle seat and not look out the window. However, I would not miss that view. We got off the bus at the top and had a 360 degree view and I can only say that it was incredible. Of course it is a weather permitting event. Other than that drive, I cannot recall being on any mountain roads.

    We went early August and had great weather for most of the trip but I never travel without a rain slicker and a small travel umbrella. I would prefer to have these and never use them than to be caught without them. As for the waterproof shoes, no one on our trip wore them. If you normally wear them in rain then you might want to bring them along. Personally I do not see the need for them. Hope this helps.
  • Lovesgolf1, Thank you. The thread below this has the recommendation for the waterproof shoes. I'm planning on wearing sneakers most of the time, so if I can wear waterproof sneakers comfortably, I guess nothing lost. We are going in Early June, so I guess I'll do a better investigation of the weather.

    I do appreciate your reassurance about the driver and the view. I've been on very narrow roads, but they're not my favorite.
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    Road1, I saw the thread that you are referring to. We went a week earlier and had totally different weather than that traveler. Most people wore sneakers during the day on our tour. We had very warm weather in Stockholm but it was unusual weather. It was also warm in Copenhagen and I believe in Oslo as well. Once we got further into Norway, a light jacket was needed but we still had lots of sunshine. In Bergen we had off and on rain for most of the time and for just a couple of hours another day. For the most part, our weather was great. I guess you have to be lucky.
  • Again, thanks. I ran into some gore tex sneakers, and if they break in well, I'll take them and hope for sunshine! Nothing to guarantee good weather better than over preparing...
  • road1 & bucklister which tour date are you on?
  • Going on 5 weeks this coming weekend---still looking for anyone on this tour
  • Still June 8. If you switched dates, you'd know someone...
  • My husband and I are on the June 15th trip. I was wondering if the tip for the cab ride to the hotel from the airport is included in the voucher they gave us.
  • NanceW wrote:
    My husband and I are on the June 15th trip. I was wondering if the tip for the cab ride to the hotel from the airport is included in the voucher they gave us.

    Tips are always included with what is included with tour rides from airport, suitcase brought to room, meals, etc.

    I arrive morning of the 14th. When do you arrive.
  • We are also coming in a day early. We are coming from California.
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    NanceW wrote:
    We are also coming in a day early. We are coming from California.
    Would love to meet up for supper if you get in early enough. I plan on doing something in afternoon to keep busy and not sleep. Can meet in lobby at 5:30 or 6 and go somewhere nearby if you are interested. I should mention I am solo traveler.
  • That would be fine. We get into Stockholm at about noon, so lets say the lobby at 5:30. That way we can make an early night of it and try to minimize the jet lag.
  • Great see you then. How about near the concierge? I get in early than you and can find out nice not expensive place nearby. Unless you want to try smorgasbord that I saw in travel book. My name is Lin. This will be my 11th tauck tour.
  • Not a big fan of Smorgasbord, but always can find something I like. My husband will pretty much eat anything. I'm a big fish lover. My name is Nancy and my husband is Jan. This will only be our 2nd Tauck trip but loved the trip we took 2 years ago to Ireland. Have you ever done any of their river cruises? Meeting by the concierge is fine.
  • Yes have done 2 river cruises. From what I here there will be lots of fish on this tour. Can't believe I fly out 5 weeks from today. I just got some start money from AAA today. See you at the concierge on the 14th. Look forward to meeting you both.
  • Less than 4 weeks to leave--trying to figure what to take.
  • Are you going to pay the tour director and driver in US dollars or whatever the currency is in the last place we stop?
  • most time I don't have that much us dollars so I have to do in local currency---on this trip will more than likely not have same bus driver but they are always local so they would prefer the local. the TD I figure probably deals with both all the time.
  • We had the same driver for both Sweden and Denmark and tipped him in local currency before he left us. In Norway we had another driver for the week and we tipped him in the local currency or Norway. We usually tip the tour guide in US dollars.
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