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    How much walking and bus travel is involved?
    What is the weather in December?
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    Hi Susan,

    If you go to the page for this trip here on the Tauck site, look under the tab … Before you Go … you will find the tab for weather. Of course as you know, the Arabian peninsular is in the northern hemisphere, so it's winter in December. That's a really good time to travel to a desert!

    As for walking … on a whim I'd guess very little, given that even in December it is hot, hot, hot by many standards and also … not too many locals do much walking, so I doubt tourists do either.


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    Hi Jan, and Susan,

    Thanks for the advice, Jan! Susan, her advice is right on.

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    Good morning all,
    We have just booked this trip for the March 1 2015 departure.
    We will be arriving a couple of days early.
    this will our 13th Tauck tour and looking so much forward to it.
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    edited April 2014
    Hello fellow Tauck travelers ..... we have just booked Dubai & the Arabian Peninsula for Sept. 20 - October 1, 2015. Have always wanted to travel to this part of the globe but we were hesitant to venture out on our own. Thank you Tauck for planning such a comprehensive trip to this part of the world. This will be my 26th Tauck trip and my daughters 8th.
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    Hello gomouse, do you care to share some of your experiences and insights on yhis trip. We are booked for Feb 2015.
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    During our trip to Dubai we booked Legoland on must2go, we are satisfied))
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    Hello! We went to the Dubai and also ordered on the must2go, ordered safari and kidzania for kids, really liked the service. A good site and a good choice of entertainment)))
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    edited January 2018
    Hello) And I want to recommend MUST2GO for such things. They provide a lot of offers like excursion and other cultural entertainment and also they give a discounts))
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    I'm very susprised? theat there is so reviews about must2go. I heard about this website but didnt try it) Now i surely will book something while my trip))
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    edited January 2018

    This was a 3 year old thread until four recent posts by SPAMMERS (all first time posters). The posts (probably all the same person) appear to be attempts to hawk an outfit called must2go. Ignore them and I wouldn't attempt to go to any website by that company.

    Hopefully, Tauck IT will remove their posts and delete the accounts NLT Monday.

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