I have been unable to determine the details of the itinerary following dinner at the Reichenstein Castle? Does the ship leave a t night? If so do we miss seeing the scenery between here and Koblenz? I would be interested in hearing from someone who has made this particular trip. The provided literature is rather sparse on derails except for excursions.


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    We were on this trip May 16-23. The ship stays in Bingen for the night. dinner at the castle was a bit disappointing, food service quality.
    The following morning is a highlight of the trip! Cruising the "middle Rhine"is an amazing sight.
    You will see dozens of castles on the route to Koblenz. About 50 of us were on the top deck watching with commentary on the PA from Kerry, one of the tour directors.

    It's a great trip, enjoy.
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    MFinkel, we will be taking this trip in Oct. On the days where you have a choice of excursions, I'd love to know which ones you chose and what you thought of them. Thanks!

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