WELL SPOTTED BY A PREVIOUS TRAVELER THAT INDEED ON THE TAUCK BRIDGES TOURS, THE TIPS ARE INCLUDED FOR THE TOUR DIRECTORS! I just checked your details. Since the last thing I want to do at this point in my life if to travel with children, I have not been on a Bridges tour -- though I do have my first two grandchildren this year!
I was wondering how big groups of family could cope with such a large tip, now I'll know!


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    British, I'll let you know how that traveling with children goes. I am going on a Disney cruise from Barcelona to Venice just before I head to Tanzania. I'll be with one of my children (really, children? 38 years old) and her family which has two children 7 and 6. They will only be on the cruise part, not Africa....that's why I chose Disney. I'll be solo on the Tauck tour in Africa. If I had the kids in Africa I might throw myself (or them) to the lions anyway. Hopefully, I won't throw myself (or them) to the sharks on the cruise.

    Seriously, I'll let you know how the travel with the kids goes. I am expecting the best, to be honest. They love the Disney stuff and should have a wonderful time traipsing around Spain, France, Italy, Sicily, Greece, and Croatia.

    It'll be fun....Happy Trails.
  • You guys crack me up! I should talk … my typing bloopers are appalling … but with British's large family rips and ndvb throwing the ankle biters to the sharks then the lions …:)))))))))))))))))))))))
    You're probably taking about football, though, (any code works!) aren't you? ;)))))
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    No code words.....just real sharks and lions.....or, I'd throw myself in there.

    Actually, the kids will be fun. I figure Disney folks will take care of them well and we are sightseeing a lot of the time with our own tour guides. I stayed away from the Disney excursions....too many people, too much on and off a bus, just total herding cats. I hired a car, driver, and some tour guides just for our family. Actually, it is about the same cost as the Disney excursions. We'll socialize on the boat...that will be fun.
  • Yes, I just edited my rips to tips. The auto fills get me in a lot of trouble!
  • British wrote:
    Yes, I just edited my rips to tips. The auto fills get me in a lot of trouble!
    I wish I knew how to turn that off.
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