Eveing wear and hair dryers

What is recommended for evening wear and are there hair dryers provided by the various lodges.


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    The Before You Go Section does answer the clothing question for you. For the most part the hotels are in the parks, so very very casual, I've done this tour. Hairdryers, it's unusual for there to be no hairdryers on a Tauck vacation. All but two of the hotel descriptions on the Accommodation section mention there are hairdryers. The other two, even when you go to the hotel website does not mention either way, to be honest I cannot remember if you get them there, so the easiest thing is to call Tauck and ask them, since they really should make it clear. You cannot guarantee that anyone on the forum can answer this question unless they have done the tour and notice your question. Sometimes the. Moderator will see and answer you, but not always. have a great trip!
  • This is a very casual tour. Even at the Four Seasons in Vegas women wore capris and sparkly tops or nice t-shirts. No jackets for men. A pair of casual long pants and short sleeved shirt would do. As far as hairdryers, I really don't remember. I went in Aug three years ago and have short hair so I really just let it dry. It was very hot and by the time I was ready to go to breakfast my hair was dry. It is a wonderful tour and the most casual of any I have taken. You will love seeing America the Beautiful. If you are going in the summer, shorts and t's are the thing. A windbreaker might be needed on the boat trip. Enjoy!!
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