Tanzania grand family Safari July 29, 2014

Anyone going on the July 29 family safari?? We are very excited. We have one 15 year old daughter who inspired us to take this trip. Can't wait!! From Boston ma area


  • We are from the Boston area also, but we are on the 7/20 trip. Really looking forward to it!
  • Have a great time! I hear great things about this trip
  • We are also on the July 29 trip. We are a family of 4 with 2 boys ages 20 and 17 and from Palm Beach Gardens, FL. We are so excited…We are a very active family and love to travel.. Can't wait to meet everyone!!
  • Hi! We are on the July 29 trip and also from the Boston area (Wellesley). We have two daughters, ages 13 and 11, and are travelling with my husband's parents, so there are 6 of us altogether. We are so excited to take this trip - have travelled a bit but never to Africa before. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  • We are getting excited as well. We are in Andover. We are leaving July 26. Lots to do before then. This will be a memorable trip I'm sure. Look forward to meeting everyone.
  • We are also leaving on July 26 and going to Amsterdam first. Heading to Kilimanjaro on July 28. What are your plans?
  • We are heading right to Kilimanjaro on the 26th. We are going to try a few extra tours from the hotel in Arushna. Going to be a long trip. See you there. Are you flying Delta to Amsterdam? We will be on that flight.
  • Oops just saw you are flying from Florida.
  • We are leaving from West Palm Beach through Atlanta and then on to AMS with Delta. Would love to connect somehow before the trip!! We are also looking to do some excursions from the hotel in Arusha. We figure we have the entire day on July 29 as Tauck says it's an arrival day. We would really like to do some kind of hike on Kilimanjaro that will not be done on the group. Let me know what you find out!! Would greatly appreciate it. By the way.. Our names are Amy, Craig, Josh and Matthew!!!
  • If you go to the website of the Arumeru hotel, you will find a list of activities that you can do from there. My long experience of transatlantic travel from West to East makes me suggest that you wait until you arrive and see how you feel before booking a tour on the day the tour begins in the evening. Most people take the Delta flight which gets you to the hotel in the early hours. With an 8 hour time difference from the east coast of the US, the jet lag will hit you. Those arriving several days early will be Ok before the start of the tour. Tanzania is wonderful!
  • Thank you. Appreciate the tip.
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