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According to the brochure, on the August 1st departure of the tour "Budapest to the Black Sea" we will be given a choice of a full-day excursion to tour the 14th century Bran Castle in Transylvania, or a boat across Snagov Lake to Snagov Island and the Snagov Monastery. Do we make this choice in advance or wait until we are aboard the ship. Does any one have advice on which tour is more interesting. Does one involve more walking than the other?

Is anyone else going on this August 1st trip from Budapest? Could you join the conversations if you are also going on this trip? I see that 115-117 people have checked my previous questions, but I seem to be the only one asking questions. Are there other excursions on this trip where we need to make a choice, or are all the others group activities?


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    I would call Tauck and they will be able to answer your questions, they are always helpful.

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