Antelope "Slot" Canyon Camera Settings

Just a heads up to everyone taking this excursion on the America's Canyonlands Tour:

Your guide may ask for your camera, in order to set it for you, for optimal pictures in the Canyon. This is a GOOD thing; our guide (Leonard) seemed to be VERY knowledgeable about how to do this correctly and quickly, and all of our still shots taken in the canyon were quite good as a result. HOWEVER: be sure to re-set your camera the way YOU would like it to be set for all shots you take after that particular tour -- Leonard did not volunteer to do this for us, although it's my guess that he would have done so gladly, if asked, because he was very accommodating to all of our requests. I never even thought of asking, nor of re-setting our still picture camera myself (so, my bad!!), and as a result I had to do a LOT of retouching -- mostly exposure, contrast, and levels -- to the shots we took after the Antelope Canyon tour, because the camera retained Leonard's settings rather than the "Auto" settings which we typically use.

Thank heavens for Microsoft Digital Image 10 software!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your AC tour... IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!

Joe Navarro
Orinda, CA
Took the 4/28/14 Tour Departure out of Scottsdale.


  • Hi Jnvarro,

    I'm glad you had such a good time on your trip, and it sounds like you got some wonderful shots of Antelope Canyon. It's truly one of the strangest and most breathtakingly gorgeous places I've ever been. I'm sorry you had to do so much retouching afterwards, but it sounds like it all turned out okay. :)

    Thanks for traveling with us!

  • You are lucky you got to Antelope Canyon, when we did this tour there was a flash flood risk and the trip there was cancelled. We were told that there was no space on the alternative boat ride but when the others on our tour got back from that, they said it was half empty and plenty of room for the rest of us. That was the only time I have been truly disappointed on one of many, many Tauck tours. We fully expected to get a refund for that excursion, like we did when a balloon ride was cancelled due to weather on another tour but we never did. Count your photography blessings!
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