My grandsons would like to bring their fly fishing rods on our Canadian Rockies trip. Will there be opportunities to fish?


  • Just in case no one gets back to you. The itinerary shows that you have a free day for activities in Jasper. I would go to the hotel website, if that is not helpful, then call the concierge at the hotel and ask. You have another half day free in Banff, do the same there too. Other than that, Tauck usually keep you far too busy to find time to do a big side trip like fishing
  • Hi Wendytennis,

    You can arrange fishing trips at both Jasper and Lake Louise. I admit I'm not familiar with the differences between fly fishing and other types of fishing, but I hope this helps answer your question!

  • wendytennis

    We took this great trip several years ago. My husband tried to sign up for the optional fishing trip after we got there, but discovered that it was already full because people had signed up for it before the tour ever started. Therefore, it would probably be advisable to find out how to sign up for it before you ever leave home.

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