I was wondering if anyone has traveled from Florence to PISA and if it is easy, worth it?? Is there time?
thanks in advance


  • We considered a side-trip to Pisa from Florence during the "Week in Venice, Florence and Rome" tour in June but wound up not taking the Pisa trip. There was plenty to occupy our time (Florence and Tuscany). That said, before our trip, one of the most useful resources I found were a set of videos that are well paced and informative about lots of locations and specifically a Florence to Pisa side-trip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYtP1cqH7yE&feature=youtu.be. Have a great time!

  • My husband and I booked a Viator trip to Pisa before we left U.S. It was so well worth it. You will just have enough time to make the climb and go into the baptistery. Do not miss it. We met the bus pick-up not far from the Duomo. We walked there and back to our centrally located hotel...the name of which escapes me. I have been to Italy many times before but never had the chance to see Pisa. It's so beautiful. If you have the time, book it from home. It's a must-see.
  • We are looking at the Viator tours from Florence to Pisa--which day of the itinerary did you book the Pisa trip to allow enough time? The afternoon is free on Day 4 but I'm not sure what time we are actually "free." Day 5 allows free time after being in Tuscany, but that seems to be a longer day of tours, so I'm assuming Day 4?
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    I think you mean 10 & 11 the 2 days in Florence. They added an included lunch on day 10, but day 11 gets done right a before lunch time. We did a museum then went to lunch I believe. And the museum that day is a short walk to hotel. Not good to plan anything in Rome if you are doing the after hours tour. It ends up being schedule on day other Tauck tours are in town.
  • Sorry for any confusion--we are doing the 8 day trip Venice first, then Florence, then Rome. Our days in Florence are Day 4: art lecture and the Uffizi followed by a free afternoon and then dinner as a group that evening, Day 5: Tuscany, chianti tasting, and lunch before heading back to Florence for free time. Not sure there is enough time in either of those days for a side trip to Pisa?
  • To tell you the truth we saw the tower from the road on classic italy and not sure it is worth your limited time to deal with the crowds. There is so much to do in Florence. Do not miss the bapestry that is my most memorable of what I did on my own in Florence
  • How about a Segway tour in Florence? We took one in Munich last year and it was fantastic! We will probably do another one in Florence during next year's Classic Italy. I was just watching a video of it yesterday, sorry no link.
  • We are also thinking of doing a side trip to Pisa on the afternoon after returning from the wine country. Has anyone else done this? Does the tour return with enough time to be able to see Pisa before sundown?

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