August 10 Grand Family Safari

Hi there - we are looking forward to arriving early at Arumeru River Lodge, on Friday night August 8, and wondering if others will be there in advance... there are 3 of us, mom (Natasha) and dad (Rick) with 10-year-old son (Clifford). Not sure how much energy we will have on Saturday but will want to do something fun on Sunday for sure, so let us know if you will be there and interested in joining up. We look forward to meeting everyone!


  • Hello! We are also arriving friday evening (on Delta from Amsterdam) and thought the same thing- we would lay low on saturday and go on a tour of some kind on sunday. There are also 3 of us- my husband Lynn, our granddaughter Anna who is 13 , and myself Phyllis (grandma.) Anna lives in Oregon and we live in Maine. I called Tauck and they sent me to website of Arumeru River Lodge- they offer tours in Arusha N.P. like one of the options the first day of our tour-thought that might be good-then we can hike up a little of Killimanjero with Tauck on Monday.(?) Have you found anything else? We are excited to see Africa! We have never been on a Tauck Tour before but have heard great things from friends. Would love to hear from you! Would love to join up on an outing!
  • Phyllis,

    Thanks for your post. This is our first Tauck tour, too and we are very excited about going to Africa! Yes, we agree that one of those options on the hotel website sounds good for Sunday, and it looks like we can figure all of this out after arrival. Will definitely be fun to join up with the three of you! And maybe there will be a few others who turn up early as well.

    Most likely we will see you when we board the flight from Amsterdam on Friday morning, it sounds like we are on the same one, but if not, have a safe trip and we look forward to seeing you when we all arrive.

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    Delta only does one flight out of Amsterdam to Arusha each 24 hours, so you will be on the same flight. Have fun, Tanzania is my favorite place to be!
  • Thanks Natasha, We will see you in Amsterdam Friday morning!( we're coming in on a Detroit flight) Safe travels to you! P
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