First time riverboat cruisers

We are booked to go on the westbound Danube Reflections cruise next July (2015). Is there anybody else booked for this cruise? This is our first riverboat cruise, though we have taken a number of ocean cruises. I realize this will be much different. Would just like to connect to some fellow travelers.

Clarene & Bill Dworin


  • We just booked the July 22 Danube Reflections tour as well. It's also our first riverboat cruse and we are looking forward to the experience and hearing of others Tauck experiences and fellow newbies excitement especially on the Vienna to Prague tour.

    Dave and Elsa Hornfischer Framingham MA
  • I am a single and have booked a trip westbound on the Danube. Going Oct 28th 2015. This is my first time ever doing something like this and am interested in meeting others on this cruise.
  • We, too, are first time River Boat cruisers with several previous ocean cruises. We are booked on the 7/22/15 Vienna to Prague cruise. We will arrive in Vienna on 7/21. Dinner, anyone?

    We have heard only positive comments on River Cruises in general and With Tauck rated at the top of the list we are optimistic. Our other Tauck tours were all outstanding.

    We will look forward to meeting you.

    Bob & Carol Rawlings (Indianapolis)
  • We have just booked the Danube Reflections Westbound Vienna to Prague cruise for July 22, 2015. This will be our third Tauck trip but our first river cruise. We're looking forward to sharing more of Tauck's adventures with our fellow travelers. We don't have our flight reservations yet but if we fly to arrive in Vienna on the 21st we'll join Bob & Carol for dinner.

    Rich & Cheryl Wunder - Olathe, KS
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    We also just booked on the July 22 Danube Reflections (westbound) cruise. This will be our first river cruise as well.

    Bruce Gaynor and Patty O'Donnell
    Shaker Heights, Ohio
  • I am a single and have booked a trip westbound on the Danube. Going Oct 28th 2015. This is my first time ever doing something like this and am interested in meeting others on this cruise.

    How did the men dress for dinner?
  • bhk wrote:
    How did the men dress for dinner?

    Here is the official Tauck word as listed in the Before You Go tab for your cruise - lots of very helpful information especially for first timers here.

    "During evenings aboard the riverboat, dress is resort casual. Items such as slacks and collared shirts are appropriate for men. For women, slacks, a dress or a skirt and blouse are suitable. For dinner and throughout the evening, guests should refrain from wearing shorts, t-shirts, jeans, sandals, flip-flops or sneakers. Your journey also includes one or two special occasion dinners, where a sport coat and tie for gentlemen and a dress/pantsuit for ladies are suggested."

    Apparel is the most frequently discussed item about river cruises on this forum. Lots of opinions on it. In my experience (2 cruises - 1 summer, 1 fall) most nights men wore slacks (not jeans) and some sort of collared shirt. In the summer that was typically a knit golf shirt. In Oct it was a plain or plaid long sleeve shirt. For the welcome/farewell dinners (special occasion dinners), there was a range from sport coat, tie and slacks (dressiest) to a long sleeve dress shirt, dress slacks, tie and/or pullover sweater.
  • Does anyone know if there are "Friends of Bill W." meetings on board the Riverboat cruises?
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    Had to look that one up. I've never seen one on a Tauck river cruise. Maybe on a Viking cruise where you pay extra for alcohol.

    I understand that on the big ocean going ships this occurs but river cruises are different. For one the number of passengers are much smaller - Tauck max is 130 on the new ships and the older ships are going to go down to 98 starting next year. Couple that with the all inclusive cruise prices (i.e. you're paying for unlimited drinks) and the likely number of attendees is going to be small. Also river cruising has a very different pace - your day is filled with guided tours, time to explore locations on your own, the occasional information talk by one of the TD's, etc that there just isn't much time. When possible I think they arrange the actual underway cruising time to night so that you wake up in a new location.

    If being around alcohol is a problem for someone I'd avoid a river cruise. The only public spaces are the lounge and the bistro - both of which provide bar service. Even on the sun deck waiters come by and ask if you want something so even there you'll likely be around drinkers - especially in the late afternoon when the days sightseeing is done.

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