Kruger Safari in August

My husband and I are trying to decide when to go on the "South Africa:An Elegant Adventure" tour in 2015. We would like to go in July or August, but I am concerned that the shorter duration of daylight at that time of year might adversely affect the game drives at Kruger. If anyone has taken the tour in July or August, can you tell me if the game drives are completely during the daylight hours, or if they include some darkness, what was that experience like? Having excellent opportunities to see wildlife is high priority for us. Thank you.


  • You will have exactly the same opporunities to see wildlife, but this vacation is partially culture. If game viewing is your major priority then I suggest the tour that includes the Okavango Delta or the east Africa safaris
  • Thank you for your response. We originally considered a Tanzania safari tour, but for various reasons, I think that the "Elegant Adventure" will be a better choice for us. We enjoy cities and learning about the culture/history of any country we visit, and for this trip, an excellent safari experience is also a must. Kruger seems to be highly rated, and I am hoping that 7 or 8 game drives will be enough.
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    In that case, the Elegant adventure is perfect for you. We were there in an August. My best tip is, it is very very cold at the beginning of the morning safaris, coat hat, gloves and use the blankets the guides provide until the sun gets warm. You do get the opportunity to do night safari, that is when the leopards were so near I could have reached out and touched them! Finding animals in all the brush is tough, so you won't see the quantity of wildlife that you would see in East Africa but you will get very up close and personal and more guarantee of seeing rhinos. Then when you get back home, book the Tanzania tour, it's a very different experience, we just got back from that tour.

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