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I am beginning my journey to the Elegant Adventure Tauk tour on September 25, 2014. I think it is the same dates you did yours. I want to know if you should take any medication or vaccines for Malaria. Any other recommendations for protection of health. My travel agent told me we dont need any vaccines for South Africa.
What about the weather? Is it cold at this time of the year? Thank you for your help!


  • Go to see your family Dr or Travel dr specialist. Make sure you are up to date with all your boosters that you need whether you ever leave the US or not. Have you had Hep B vaccine for example, that is a course of 3 injections over time and if not it''so too late to comlete the full course before you go and it is much easier to 'catch' than other things. It is true, you do not REQUIRE any vaccines to enter SA but that does not mean it is not recommended you have varies vaccines for your own protection. In addition, there is no VACCINE for Malaria, it is medication and the CDC recommends you take it because Malaria can be found in Kruger. There are plenty of threads on this forum about Malaria if you look through the history on all the different Africa itineraries. But really, we are not Drs, so you should seek advise from a Travel Dr who can discuss your personal health history and vaccines records with you.
  • Maria - British has all the correct advice. For weather go to and put in the various cities you will be and figure it will be a bit warmer than that a month from now. There are numerous postings on both topics.
  • British and sunnycalifornia,

    Thanks so much for your recommendations. I did exactly that this morning. I make an appointment with a Doctor who is a specialist in this matter of traveling for my husband and me and I will be following all of his recommendations. I will look up the weather site you recommended.
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