Tanzania - Grand Family Safari (December 2014??)

Aloha, anyone going to Tanzania in December 2014? mahalo, ErinG


  • Our family of 4 will be going. Looking forward to it.
  • we are going to the AUG. 10th, 2015 Tanzania bridges program with our grand daughter (14.5 yrs old by then). she is from Toronto, we are from Vancouver Island ( near Sidney) so hope to meet up with other family groups going (on line ahead of this trip) We will spend a couple of days in Istanbul on the way to Tanzania, then go to Zanzibar after Tauch's program, fly home via Jo-Berg to New York --Toronto, Canada. look forward to this new adventure. jamie
  • Do you really mean that you are flying back from Johannesburg, you can get frm Zanzibar to Dar Es Salam and then head back to North America that way. That is what the Tauck Tanzania to Zanzibar trip does. If you are going to Jo'berg it is certainly worth taking a couple of safaris there because it is so different.
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