Things to do in Basel

My husband and I are taking the Nov 30th river cruise and will be arriving a couple days early in Basel. Any suggestions on things to do and see before the cruise?


  • Not much to do in Basel. See the old town, cathedral, town hall and the Christmas market. That will take maybe a day. I suggest a day trip to Lucerne on the train. Much more to see there.
  • Goodness, Ken. I'm very surprised that you'd think this. Basel has one of the world's greatest art galleries in the Kunstmuseum Basel. There are numerous other art galleries and museums, each with their own unique focus. The city has a rich and diverse cultural life. Contemporary Basel is a world centre of pharmaceutical production and research. The residents are friendly and intelligent. It's a wonderful vibrant city.

    By all means take a side trip to Lucerne, but not at the expense of Basel!
  • Hello M/M Marchmand

    Three friends and I will be traveling along with you on this trip. We are arriving Saturday morning and planning on trying to see as much of Basel as possible. I did see where the city is having an annual "run" on the evening of the 30th. Looks like it will take place in and around the Christmas Market. I'm thinking that could be crowded that evening. You can look it up at.

    Wish we were going to have time to take a day trip to Lucerne, too. I'm wondering about how much time we will have on Sunday and if the boat docks somewhere we could go over take our luggage and then get off until around 3:0 or so...lots of questions as this is my first river cruise. We've done lots of big cruise line trips...

    Counting down the days...

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