Safari Hat Question

I am wondering exactly what style of safari hats we need. I know it needs to have an under the chin tie and be a brimmed hat. I want to buy a Tilley hat and they have many models of brimmed safari hats with ties. Are air holes ok? How wide of a brim for fair Me? Of what material should it be made? Details please!


  • You can buy cheaper brands than Tilley that are just as good, especially if it is a hat you will not wear again. Air holes are fine. I have worn different types of fabric, non-cotton is less likely to shrink when you wash it. My latest safari trip I got our hats from The Costco store in the summer for about $15 and they were fine for our safari. They could be flattened for packing and squashed and they came out fine. No animals objected!
  • My husband and I both got the Tilley LT5B hats and they were perfect for Africa. We got them at, where they had the best prices and free shipping. They also help you with the sizing.
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