age demographics for the Scandinavia trip

We just booked this tour which is our first Taulk tour. We were wondering what the average age of people that go on this particular tour would be? I assume all on this trip would be active travelers, but wondering about the age demographics.


  • Average age on Tauck trips is in the 60's. You have some younger and some older. On my last trip we had an 18 year old traveling with his grandparents and a daughter in her 20's traveling with her parents.
  • I've definitely noticed a younger and younger demographic over the past few years and not everyone is from Florida or California. You don't give the date of your tour, but as it gets nearer the tour date you can call Tauck and they will gladly give you a breakdown of who is on your tour. On our most recent tour--21 out of a possible 24 max, there were only two couples, the remainder were a mixture of everything from a group of five women to two men and their adult sons. I guess you could say there is no typical age group any more.
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