How much foreign currency

We are wondering about how much foreign currency to take on the Rhine Christmas Market tour. We plan on primarily using a credit card but would also like to take some euros and swiss francs, any suggestions?


  • I generally start with 100-200 per country depending on how long in the country and use most of the rest on credit cards. I try to use very little money and need to be careful of how much you have on you. do not leave anything in your pockets or zippered sections of backpack or pocketbook that you are not prepared to lose do to pick-pockets. Unfortunately they are all over the areas toursists are at.

    Heard of man waiting in line to get into resturant and found his front pocket was picked. He had not felt anything. So be very careful getting on public transportation and while looking at the sights.
  • Good generic advice, Crackers. Things we all need to be aware of, particularly our surroundings, at all times and where ever in the world we are.

    I'm just wondering ... for Christmas markets in particular ... I would have thought (but I don't know because I haven't done the Chrissy markets in Europe) that many of the stall traders might not use credit cards but only take cash. Just wondering. Hopefully someone who has been to the markets before will post.

  • Jan, you're completely right. Some of the Christmas market vendors do accept credit cards, but many who open their stalls only during the holiday season are not equipped to do so. Also, some vendors don't speak English so you have to communicate through gestures. We used credit cards when we could and cash with others.
  • Hi folks,

    The majority of vendors at the Christmas markets do not accept credit cards. There are a few exceptions for vendors who sell more expensive items, but you should plan on using cash. The vast majority of items at the markets are under €20.

    I hope this helps!

  • Tim... are ATMs available in most of the towns along the way? I am taking Euros and some Swiss Francs, but plan to get most of my money via ATM.

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