I just finished reading a book about safety for western women in India, and frankly, I found it terrifying. I mean things like don't eat in the hotel because the manager can put something in your food then come in your room at night. Keep your shoes by the bed in case you "have to run for your life" - her words, not mine. And that wasn't even counting the amount of advice outside the hotel!

I'm a solo female and yes, I'll be with a group on the tour, but with everything I'm reading, I'm really getting concerned. Plus family and friends are reading things on the internet, and they are worried. I wonder if I've made a mistake booking this tour.

Has anyone got any words of comfort?

Thanks in advance.


  • Yes, words of comfort. When you arrive at the airport there will be someone from Tauck to take you to the hotel and there will likely be other Tauckers on the same flight, try to guess those people. We did this tour last year, best to enjoy what the hotel and great service has to offer before the tour begins, spa, experiences like a tea tasting, cooking lesson, lovely indoor swimming pool. So in other words, do not venture out of the hotel complex, the tour director will brief you fully on all aspects of safety and security on the first night and there will be no need for you to go anywhere on your own after that. You get a very comprehensive tour of Delhi, so you do not miss anything by not venturing out before the tour begins. Dress very modestly so you do not attract unnecessary attention, no shorts, nothing higher on the leg than a Capri length and nothing shorter on the arms than three quarter length sleeve, no low cut tops, leave jewelry and expensive watches at home --- ample opportunity to buy nice cheap trinkets from the locals anyway that you can wear while on the tour. The hotel staff, particularly in Delhi are wonderful. We arrived a couple of days early and by the time we left for the next place the dining staff were presenting us with special breakfast dishes from different regions of India. Everyone is helpful within the hotel. Tauck takes great care of you throughout the tour but you will get huge culture shocks throughout the tour. I admit I felt quite frightened when we got to the airport at the end of the tour, it was past midnight and the airport was extremely busy with mostly men, but once again try to stick with other Tauck people, some who will surely be on the same flight as you.
    Most reports of attacks on women appear to be women who attract attention dressing inappropriately for the culture, or going where they should not be going unaccompanied. Enjoy!
  • Thank you for your "words of comfort". I think I was stressing unnecessarily! I did book my flight to arrive a full day before the tour and I was thinking about the cooking class and also I saw yoga as an option. To do yoga in India sounds about as authentic as you can get! :)

    I was surprised that you mentioned sleeves as nothing shorter than 3/4 length. I wasn't planning on sleeveless, but seriously - not even short sleeves?

    Are cotton t shirts (like a top, not a workout t shirt) ok?

  • Hi Felicia:

    I took several 3/4 length sleeve t-shirts but found early on that I wasn't comfortable in them without also something loosely covering my backside. Take one or two casual jackets and some scarves to dress them up, and you'll be all set. I wore mine almost every day. I never wore short-sleeves, even once, and neither did anyone else. With the weather, though, you should be just fine.
  • Felicia

    I don't know when your trip is scheduled so you may have already enjoyed this journey, but I can reply as a single woman who took this tour in January 2015 (on the same trip as Chicago Travelers!) that you will feel safe, well cared for and even pampered in this Tauck tour. I had similar pre-trip concerns nd worries from my own readings and comments from friends and family. The end results is that I had the most fabulous time and never felt uneasy- was calm and relaxed the entire time. I should say that did stay with the group though and did not venture off by myself outside of hotels. But all the hotels have security and you can feel safe walking on their properties.

    I took the yoga class at the hotel in Delhi and I would also recommend the spa treatments there as a nice way to ease in on your first day.

  • Emilie:
    I just completed the tour yesterday, and while I was indeed a little uneasy the first couple of hrs, I was immediately calmed down after I saw what it was really like! You're absol correct about the safety! I know part of the reason was the "safety in numbers", but I did venture out on my own a couple of times and never felt unsafe at all.

    Tauck is great, I might add, and this tour was super!
  • Felicia, itis so lovely to hear what a great time you had despite your original worries. Well done! Thanks for your reviews, British

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