Another Shoe Question for Galapogos trip

i know, i know. how can choosing shoes be so complicated? we're leaving in less than a month (trip is in january) and thought we were okay until we read this forum! are regular old hiking boots okay for the "dry" walking/hiking? we bought keen sandals for the wet part and prefer not to spend any more money on our feet! ...but we don't want to be injured or in pain. thank you for ANY help!


  • Sounds as if you have the perfect combo, wish I was going back, it is one of my favorite locations!
  • In my experience, regular hiking shoes ( and even some regular running shoes) would not work very effectively as they have very stiff soles which work great for trails, etc. but not for walking over rocky terrain. I used a Merrill "water shoe" which looks like a regular sneaker but has pop out inner soles and a mesh surface. It has Vibram soles which really give you the flexibility to walk on various types of surfaces. In fact, one of the naturalists commented on how the Vibram sole was perfect for the Galapagos. The mesh covering also kept out larger pebbles during wet landings . I liked them so well, I kept on wearing them, bought another pair when they wore out and am still wearing them! They were half the price of Keen's and meant I only had to take one pair of shoes .
  • Lampme...we are also going in early January. Maybe the same trip. I agonized over shoes too. Our trip starts Jan 5
  • Thank you for the conflicting info :) Diane, we're going on the Jan 5 tour. How about you? It's my 50th birthday gift so it'll be quite special.
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    OK great we are on the same tour. We are from NJ...and you? Wish I was celebrating that special birthday...a bit older but I can hike with the best and I am young at heart. Are you traveling with husband? I am. Wondering what men wear on the boat for dinner. For us...easy...dressy flip flops and capris and a decent shirt. Wonder if men need slacks or if shorts for dinner would be fine. We did an African safari with Tauck and loved watching the wildlife so signed up for this one......our 8th Tauck tour, I think...losing track.
  • Hi Diane,

    In my experience, the chaps can wear shorts for dinner quite happily. It's pretty much a case of … the garment you have saved from the perils of exploring or the one that's freshest!

    You will have the most fabulous and life-changing time!


  • The Isabella is an expedition ship, dining is extremely casual. Everything is basic but clean and the ship staff are wonderful. Oh to go back to all those wonderful islands!
  • I know. Ooh, I know…….
  • Hi Diane, Yes, my husband, Phil, will be with me. I told him I could take a friend but he squashed that thought immediately. We're leaving a day early so if your in the hotel, give us a ring - Phil Eck. I can't wait for the trip!
    p.s. We just had our 20th anniversary and spent it in Italy on a Uniworld river cruise. We were told Tauck is great too.
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    My husband's name is Philip ! This is our 8th tauck trip.
  • My husband an I are going in April. I hope you'll come back to the forum and let us know how your trip was and what we should have left at home and what you wished you took. Have a great trip!
  • Hi Susanna, I wore keen sandals with toe guards every day. I had absolutely no problems at any time. BUT you must have toe guards or your toes will not be happy when they're stubbed. My husband wore hiking boots twice because of his bad ankles. He had no issues with them not being flexible enough on the lava rocks. I actually didn't find the lava rocks hard to walk on at all. I used walking sticks on two occasions because the rocks were too high for my short legs (I'm 5'). We brought our own sticks but the ship has wooden ones to use. Wear whatever you want while you're on the ship - I work birkenstocks. If you want any additional info/tips, let me know.

    p.s. don't bother wearing any shoes on the wet landings. you'll just have to take them off to dry your feet.
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    Lampme is correct. We met her on this trip. I wore socks with my Keens. A little more protection against rubbing and the sand. But these shoes were great! Not one blister or sore. Yes barefoot for dry landings. On the boat for dinner people wore all types of shoes. Sandals, topsiders, etc. Nothing fancy for the boat. I did not use a walking stick at all and I was fine.
  • Can you give me the exact model of the Merrill water shoe you bought? I see many choices on Zappos.
  • Can you give me the exact model of the Merrill water shoe you bought? I see many choices on Zappos.
  • I suspect the model of the shoe I love has been replaced with another version. However, there are a few places on the internet the original may still be purchased, depending on size. The shoe is the Merrell Manistee Waterpro shoe. They show the model at "" and "", so at least you will be able to see what the shoe looks like, even if they don't have your size. I suspect that, with a little perseverance, you will find it online.

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