New Mexico - Gift of Time


I usually take My Gift of Time upon arrival to rest.

For those who took this trip, would you suggest taking the Gift of Time in Albuquerque or Sante Fe?

Anyone travel at the end of April, and can share their experience on weather?

I appreciate your answers.



  • Hi!

    I took the trip last October. If you enjoy shopping, then the extra night in Santa Fe would be your best bet. Personally, the Tamaya in Albuquerque was the nicer hotel, albeit remote from the central part of the city. There are activities in the Tamaya that might interest you.
  • Hi Susan,

    I like shopping, but not if it's expensive :)

    Maybe doing the SPA at the Tamaya if I arrive the day before is something I would enjoy.

    Thanks for your quick reply.

  • I live in NM east of Albuquerque. Tamaya is a wonderful resort with lots to do on the premises - spa, golf, walking trails, stables, etc. Their onsite gift shop is a nice gem. I'd recommend checking out their website for more information.

    The hotel is located on an Indian Reservations a fair ways northwest of Albuquerque so you'd need transport to get around.

    As for weather, like most places in April it's fairly changeable. High 60's or low 70's for temps, chance of rain and wind. We've even had snow that time of year. Probably don't need a parka, but definitely a lightweight jacket, long pants, etc.

    I recommend checking out Tauck's "Before you Go" and "Packing Tips" tabs on their website.

    Happy to help if I can answer any other questions. Have fun.
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    Dear Enjoy,

    The spa at Tamaya was excellent. Check out their website and register for the Pathways spa card, which they'll mail to you. You can get a discount at the Corn Maiden restaurant (in hotel), as well as the spa.

    Also, the shops in Santa Fe run the gamut from very expensive to touristy knick-knacks.
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