Israel & Jordan on April 28-May 11 2015

My name is Joe Regina. My wife and I are planning on going on this trip and would like some info regarding appropriate clothing for this time of year.

If there are some accessories that are helpful to take along please include that as well.

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  • Are cargo shorts appropriate?
  • I have never taken that much notice what people wear on Tauck tours until more recently after reading so many questions about what to wear for just about every tour. I've given plenty of advice too. After my most recent tour I did notice how very very casual many men, especially men, were during the day, casual enough that they really did need to change before being acceptable for dinner. Apart from the really adventurous tours, we tend to take clothes that could be acceptable for day or evening at a pinch. It saves on lots of packing space and makes outfits far more interchangeable. Would my hiusband wear cargoes, no. I have no idea what is appropriate for this particular tour. Hope someone can help.
  • Joe Re wrote:
    Are cargo shorts appropriate?

    When I was in that area in April 2008 I wore cargo shorts every day as did just about all the men on the tour. I should add at this point that it was not a Tauck Tour. The days are very hot and tour times were designed for the cooler parts of the day. I found there was ample time to take a shower and change into something else prior to dinner. I'm a casual dresser by nature and I found I was amongst the average with my slacks and polo shirt at the table.

    I'm one of those who dislikes being counseled on what is appropriate attire so my advice is to wear what you would if you were at home on any casual outing and I'm pretty sure you won't stand out.
  • Hi Joe Re,

    Your journey through Israel and Jordan is casual. Dress for comfort and convenience with a wardrobe that is adaptable and allows for layering. Comfortable, cotton clothing is
    suggested. For travel from February through early June and late September through November, you will need a light jacket or fleece, a light sweater and a rain poncho. No special attire is required for dining, although you may wish to dress more formally for fine dining experience in metropolitan areas.

    Most importantly, bring comfortable yet sturdy walking shoes that have already been broken-in. It is important that your shoes have good ankle support, as we visit some
    ancient sites where paths and stairs may be uneven and unpaved.

    In Jerusalem, you should dress conservatively when visiting the Old City and ultraorthodox Jewish neighborhoods. Shoulders, belly, and knees should be covered. Jordan is primarily a Muslim country, although the freedom of all religions is protected. Muslim women's clothing often covers their arms, legs and hair. Western women are not subject to these customs, but very revealing clothing is not appropriate and conservative dress is advisable for both men and women in the old part of Amman (Downtown), and outside the cities. Shorts are rarely worn by either sex, and would be out of place in the downtown Amman area.

    And as far as shorts go, taking into account the above, the answer is either yes or no, depending on the site you're visiting that day! I would advise (if you have them) packing a few pairs of those pants where the trouser legs can be zipped on or off. If it's hot, you can leave them off right until you arrive in the conservative area of the city or at the religious site.

  • Tim,
    Thanks for the thorough reply. Got it, will pack a few pairs to be used only on days when appropriate.

    Kindest regards,

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