snow in June this year?

We are signed up for the June 13 Michigan including Mackinac Island tour. In light of the rather severe and prolonged winter should we expect a blizzard there in June this year?


  • Fairly unlikely. I lived in the UP of Michigan for a few years and don't remember snow after May. Then again, I got snowed on in Montana in June a few years ago so who knows. Wouldn't think it would last even if it did. Generally temps are fairly cool then - 70's daytime, 40's at night - so you'd be wise to pack at least a lightweight jacket.

    Have fun, Mackinac Island is great. If you haven't already, watch the movie "Somewhere in Time" with Jane Seymour/Christopher Reeve. It was filmed there and features the Grand Hotel where you'll be staying. I envy you. Just watch your feet walking around town.
  • When I posted this topic I did it with tongue-in-cheek. Here we are at nearly the end of April and they are forecasting a chance of snow here the next three days starting tomorrow!
  • Johnel5: I live in southern Wisconsin and have travelled to Mackinac Island several times. It is a wonderful destination! Claudia Sails' recommendation to watch the movie "Somewhere in Time" is a very good one as it is filmed at hotel and will get you in the mood. I think you are travelling there at a wonderful time because if memory serves me right, this is around the time of their lilac festival. If the lilacs are out, you will have a great show of flowers!... and the grounds of the Grand Hotel are full of them. I lucked out on my trip during early June when the lilacs were in bloom, and weather was very nice. That being said, whenever I have visited there, even during the hottest part of summer, it feels cooler there. The breezes off Lake Huron make it seem cooler. So, my recommendation is to be sure and pack layers and take a jacket along....Several weather sites give historical data on temperature by date. says the average high for June at Mackinac Island is about 70 degrees and average low is 52. But it may feel much cooler because of the colder air blowing off the lake. Have a great trip!
  • Can't wait. We took a bus trip to the lilac festival in Rochester about 5 years ago and hit it at its peek. Would love to be on Mackinac Island when the lilacs are out full. That would certainly add to the experience.

    The grass is finally turning green here and buds starting to swell and pop on some of the trees. Spring flowers everywhere but they are still saying we could see some snow in the next couple of days.

    One thing about central New York. If you don't like the weather just wait 5 minutes.
  • I started this topic tongue-in-cheek but just checked the current radar and there is snow in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this AM.
  • Its a bizarre weather pattern this year. We in NM have had such a mix of warm and cool weather that our gardens are a month ahead of themselves, yet we had snow last weekend.
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    Yikes! I hope the weather for the June 13th departure is good, Johnel5! I just pulled up the weather for Mackinac Island, which is the farthest north this trip goes, and it looks like highs are in the 50's and 60's for the next week, and hopefully that trend will continue.

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    We were in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in July once and came out of a late dinner to a mini-blizzard. And of course we had to run out and play in it.
    Can't be any more unexpected than that was.
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