Dressing for dinner

We are doing the Lakes Tour(?) tour at the end of May (very excited). How dressy do we need to be for dinner? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    A few years ago, I went on a wonderful Alps tour with Tauck. Most dinners were not dressy at all. People didn't wear jeans or shorts, but I would say that the dress code was more casual than "resort casual." Women wore slacks and tops. Men wore collared shirts, but most did not wear sport jackets. The welcome dinner was a notch up from that, but still casual. The final night was a little dressier -- most, but not all, men wore sport coats. Most women wore slacks, but with a little dressier tops. A couple or women (not I) wore nicer dresses. Everyone was respectful of others' choices. I will be taking this tour earlier in May, and do not plan to bring a dress.
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    Hi dspec01,

    I would say MCD's description is exactly right. When in doubt, it's always safer to err on the slightly dressy side, but if you stick to that standard you should be absolutely fine.

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    Tauck Tim, we are on the Holland to Belgium River Cruise and my wife is concerned about dress for dinners on MS Jewel. Would you say the say rule of thumb applies for us?
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    Yes Silverfox, the dress on the MS Jewel would be the same. Most people find after the first river cruise that they over packed on "dressy" clothes. Dress code aside, it is a good idea to bring a sport jacket, nice sweater, wrap, etc for evening wear if you wish to go up on the top deck for pre or after dinner drinks. It can be very chilly - especially your spring time tour.
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    Thanks Claudia Sails
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    You're welcome. Best wishes to you and dspec01 on your trips.
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    Thanks for the responses. Starting to get very excited as our trips nears!

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