Day 11 in Paris

I posted this question on March 1st. Thought I would try one more time. Someone who has been on this tour must know about what time the bus tour ends on day 11 in Paris. Just trying to get some idea of what time to book a tour of the Eiffel Tower in the afternoon. If we don't book it before we leave, it will probably be all booked up by the time we get there. Our tour starts the end of May. I appreciate any one who may be able to help.


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    Altho I can't answer your question...Tauck should be able to tell you the answer. Don't delay any longer, call Tauck now & ask or you may be disappointed trying to get tickets, the whole world wants to do a tour of the Eiffel.
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    We did this tour in August last year, Dokey.

    On day 11, the bus tour finished around 12.30pm and we then scattered for lunch on our own. There was an optional short walking tour from Notre Dame to the Louvre on offer after lunch but, because it was a wet day, most people just took off at lunchtime to do their own thing.

    We stayed at the Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe. For dinner on day 11 we went to Philippe & Jean Pierre, one of the restaurants suggested by the TD. It is a small place, about 15 minutes walk from the hotel, typically French and with great food. If you will be at this hotel, I certainly recommend this restaurant, but it would be worthwhile to have the hotel or TD make a reservation for you. We were lucky. They don't open until 7.30pm. Unaware of this, we turned up at 7.00pm, without a reservation and looking like a couple of drowned rats. I think they took pity on us and let us sit at a table until 7.30 ticked by. The restaurant was full by 8.30.

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    Don't be afraid to call Tauck with any questions!
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    Thank you to everyone that replied to my post. Especially Rob for letting us know about what time the bus tour in the morning ends, so we could book our tour of the Eiffel Tower in the afternoon. We are staying at the same hotel in Paris, so we will probably try the restaurant you recommended It sounds like a place we would like. Will make sure we get reservations like you suggested. Thank you again.
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    Does the tour end back at the hotel? I would assume so, but wanted to make certain before we booked lunch.

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    Yes, it does end back at the hotel, Glenn, but you can stay downtown and make your own way back if you wish, as we did.
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    My husband and I were on this trip last October. It was my favorite Tauck trip so far!! I can't remember if the coach returns to the hotel or not, but I think it probably does. The TD can tell you early on in the trip so you can make plans. We stayed on the Ile de la Cite and went to see St. Chappelle. Then we tried to see Musee de L'Orangerie, where Monet's lily paintings are, but we couldn't because you need to buy tickets in advance. The concierge at the hotel has some, so we went on the extra day that we stayed after the tour was over.
    There are two free afternoons. I would strongly encourage you to see L'Opera Garnier, the setting for Phantom of the Opera. I think it is the most beautiful building in Paris---too bad it is not on the tour. It is located not too far from the Tuileries gardens. There are guided tours in English a couple of times a day, really worthwhile, and something different from another museum. Cafe de la Paix is right across the street.
    We didn't have time, but some folks on our tour went to see the Eiffel Tower at night. There weren't long lines, and the views of the city were wonderful. You will get some gorgeous views of the city lights on the farewell dinner cruise.
    I wished we had stayed more than one extra day. There is so much to see and do. I guess I will just have to go back!
    Au revoir and enjoy your trip.

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