Northern India and Nepal Review

My husband and I took this amazing trip in early February 2015. Our 19 fellow travelers made for a great group and in our final round up, we shared our most cherished moments. There were times along the way that some of our companions were less than happy and these tended to be stomach upsets, fear related to the astounding experience of driving in this country and the limited free time. So I wanteded to comment on this for those considering this trip. From our point of view it was fantastic. We tend to do solo travel and don't mind the discomforts that attend a real immersion experience. We did not have stomach problems and ate with abandon. If a long bumpy ride to maybe see a tiger (we did and will never forget it) is out of the question for you, skip this. And people in India drive fast and with abandon through streets with cows, tuks, bicycles etc and no lanes...if that is more scary than fascinating, then again, you might take a pass on this journey. There are frequent early morning calls and full days of exploring and travelling. For us, it was all part of a fascinating trip that covered a lot of territory. The Taj, the tiger, Meditating with a Nepalese Monk and being embraced by so many happy children. We returned happy for all of this. We had a great tour director ...really over the top, and the hotels and personal services along the way were top notch. However, if you tend to be happier looking at rather than being in a very different sort of culture, then you might look at other options. If you want an immersive experience and are happy going with the flow, don't miss this.


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    Thanks for your comprehensive review. We are taking this trip in October and looking forward to it. We have taken many Tauck trips and travel well with a group or by ourselves.

    Some questions: What did you take along that you really didn't need? What did you need that you should have brought? If you are DSLR photographers what lens did you bring? Was there another lens you wish you had brought? Did you have time in New Delhi to do some additional sightseeing? What would you recommend.

    If you prefer to answer directly you are welcome to e-mail me at: lbmilo@comcast.net Thanks.
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    Enjoyed your review Doris, what great memories!
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    Hi Doris,

    Thank you for your review! I'm so glad you had such a good time.

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    What animals did you see on safari, Doris?

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