Dolomites May 2015 Tour Extra Day in Munich

We are arriving a day early for the May 28th tour and are potentially interested in the BMW plant tour. Is anyone else arriving early that might be interested in this, or have another suggestion?


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    We took the A&D tour last summer. It was fantastic. The A&D trip forum has a number of threads of things to do if you arrive early. The city has excellent surface trams and subways. The few on our tour who went enjoyed the BMW museum/HQ.

    We took a Segway tour with City Segway Tours, and had such a fantastic time we will probably do it again in Florence next year! Riding the Segway was fun and easy- we were 1st timers but became expert riders in 5 min. or less- but riding the Segway is not the focus, the city and its history are! You travel to sites around the city not visited on the Tauck tour. The Brit guide was fantastic- knowledgeable and funny. The groups are small (8 riders + guide) and Munich's wide sidewalks, bike lanes, and even the streets made navigating safe and easy. If you think you might be interested I would reserve now- Google them.

    That is me (before my diet) in the center with a GoPro mounted to the top of my helmet. Look, Ma, no hands!:


    I'm not sure this link to the video will work.

    If you aren't already excited, here are two of the many photos I took that will hopefully raise your anticipation for this wonderful trip.

    Just one of many fantastic vistas of the Dolomites. I took this photo from a hilltop restaurant/ski lodge during a rest stop in the town of Ortisei which is located between Cortina D'Ampezzo and Balzano. You have an early start and it is a long day of "yellow roads", but don't doze or you'll miss some fantastic vistas and a few castles along the way!:


    You gotta make the hike to Mary's bridge to get this view of Neuschwanstein:

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