Luggage storage capacity on the Isabella II

Hi. We are aware of the luggage size and weight restrictions for our flight to Ecuador and the domestic flight to the Galapagos. What we can't seem to get a handle on is this: Can our cabin aboard the Isabela II comfortably handle storage of one or more "real" pieces of luggage -- that is, conventional, wheeled luggage that is somewhat larger than carry-on size but also not massive? If so, is this luggage stored under the beds, much as it would be in a larger cruise ship? Many thanks.


  • I cannotremember the room on the ship being too small to store a couple of suitcases. So it must not have been an issue. If you leave anything lying around in your room, it will be likely nearly folded when you get back.What I would emphasize is the lack of a need to dress up at all while on the ship, so you could literally stuff all your clothes in a bag with gay abandon and still look marvelous darling! We did take a lot of clothing of this type and just about wore it all. We either put on clothes in the morning and wore the same to dinner, or if it had been wet, or hot or whatever, then we put on fresh clothes before dinner but wore that outfit again the next morning.
  • We did this trip in the month of March and needed one type of clothes for Peru and another for the Galapagos. We each took a 25" suitcase and a 17" tote (for shoes and misc.). We packed our duffels in our suitcases. When we made the transition from Guayaquil to the Galapagos, we took one duffel and one of the 25" suitcases (for both of us), leaving the other three behind in storage at the hotel. Both fit easily under the bed on the Isabela II. The rooms are surprisingly efficient and we did not have any clutter. Another suggestion I would make is to throw in some plastic clothes pins and some cord. They did not like us to hang wet bathing suits on the railings, and this will enable you to rig up a little drying line. While there is a dryer on board, I don't throw my bathing suit in one.
  • Perfect. Thanks Joyce and British for your responses, which were very helpful.
  • Plenty of room under beds on Isabella II for luggae storage

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