What Damage to the Kathmandu Sights from the April 25th Earthquake?

Wow, I guess you expect miracles! How can you expect Tauck to answer this question now, barely 24 hours after the disaster when I would assume they will be busy finding out if they have any Tauck clients in the area that need rescue or help. You are not due to go until November, my suggestion would be to wait and see if Tauck contact you in the coming weeks when they have been safely able to send in their team 'on the ground' to assess the suitability of continuing the tour there, modifying it, or giving you a choice of another tour or your money back. This kind of situation is not new to Tauck, think back to numerous world disasters that occur each year, even 9/11. I have met several Tauck clients in the past who have been affected and very satisfied with how Tauck has handled a tour after a disaster, sending in planes to bring clients back, offering a different tour and so on. Right now, especially as your tour is so long in the future maybe you should be concerned about all the loss of life. I am sure other clients who may be going in the very near future will contact Tauck by phone and not rely on a forum that is generally used by Tauck clients. I don't know how often the Tauck Moderator checks in but maybe he will be manning the extra phone calls tomorrow instead.


  • Agree completely with British. How can anyone expect Tauck to respond to this 24 hours after the disaster . . . on a weekend . . . and 7 months before the scheduled tour.
  • This is for Kathryn H, if your tour is cancelled maybe you can donate the money you would have spent on the tour

    Since yesterday's 7.8 magnitude earthquake, powerful aftershocks continue to shake the region, and news agencies are reporting that more than 2,400 people are dead.

    Water and food are in short supply for survivors, and aid is urgently needed. Tens of thousands of people are living in the open or in makeshift shelters, unable to return home for fear their houses will collapse in the next aftershock. Tonight, they face another night in the cold. Oxfam and partners are launching a major effort to provide emergency food, clean water, and safe sanitation to survivors of the quake. The coming hours and days will be absolutely critical to our response.

    Since yesterday morning, the outpouring of generosity in this tragic moment has been truly inspiring. More than 4,600 people have donated in support of our relief efforts.

    If you haven't done so already, I wanted to take this moment to ask you to join them. Please, donate now to the Nepal Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund. Every dollar will be spent wisely.

    For more details, below is yesterday's email. Thank you, sincerely, for your support and for everything that you can do to help.

    Raymond C. Offenheiser
    Oxfam America
  • It seems as if the original poster in this thread has vanished.

    To wake in Australia this morning to increasingly dreadful news from Nepal does tend to focus your mind. The country is a very popular destination for Australians and New Zealanders. There would be hundreds in the region now. And news is just coming through that, as suspected, we have had deaths on Mount Everest.

    All we can do is help ... and pray. And as suggested by one caller to local radio this morning, donate blood or plasma to your local Red Cross Blood Service. Health professionals heading for Nepal will be taking major supplies with them for emergency use in the field. We all need to keep our local supplies up as a consequence.

    What a terrible thing to happen. Hopefully we can all help the people of Nepal who are suffering so terribly.

  • I can't say that I blame the original poster for vanishing. I am sure she was incredibly humiliated by the response she received and while I agree that her post was insensitive to the tragedy and suffering of the people of Nepal - it was most likely an innocent inquiry about her trip. I think the responders could have found a more tactful way of bringing her focus to the plight of the people of Nepal. We are all strangers on this forum and we don't know anything about each others lives - so I think if we are going to be critical of a poster - we need to exercise a little care with our comments.
  • I could not agree with you more. Attacking the original poster was totally totally uncalled for. The word "bullying" comes to mind.
  • judy05 wrote:
    I could not agree with you more. Attacking the original poster was totally totally uncalled for. The word "bullying" comes to mind.
    Bullying, I would call it common sense. The original poster was being extremely unrealistic, I was offering facts of how Tauck operates, but I will say no more. It is a terrible tragedy!
  • Yes -- we all know what a terrible tragedy it was. I completely agree with you that the original poster's comments were unrealistic. In fact -- that would have been an excellent word to use. I just don't see where belittling the poster for asking the question was helpful. Last I will say on the subject as well.
  • Few of us know what was once here. I don't. This thread is as it stands now. This is what we build on. Accusations of bullying. Very nice. Very humane, in the face of such an appalling human calamity.

    How sad. How tragic. How revealing that a call for compassion and charity and a suggestion for the gift of blood would flow down such a depressing path. Just awful, in every way.

  • Scheduled to go in October. Patience. Tauck will resolve all in due time.
  • Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for your patience as we continue to monitor the situation in Nepal. Currently, the safety and security of our partners and in-country teams are our priority. I am sure you have all seen the photos of the devastation and rising death tolls, it is far too early for us to clearly assess how our our tours will be affected by the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. We will be keeping a close eye on the situation and will be updating our guests as we learn more.

  • I frequently look at the travel forum section and I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable at the tone of some of the replies to queries, which is not really necessary. Some of the queries are thoughtless, but more and more of the replies are becoming on the verge of being "nasty".
  • RayFoster: What October tour are you on? We're on the 10/20 tour.
  • On Oct. 26 trip.

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