"We are joining the may 25 th tour. We are really excited about seeing all the wildlife and the" thousands" of pictures we will be taking !. We don`t swim nor snorkel. Is there other activities we could get into ?.


  • There's kayaking, but that's about it, but you can relax on the beach instead while others are in the water and watch the wildlife. When we did this trip with Tauck some years ago, there were far less opportunities to snorkel or swim offered, but I guess feedback from customers made them include more. I am quite sure there will be others who do not snorkel, in fact one single lady snorkeld and did not do the buddy system, she had little experience and almost drowned, another member of the tour had to swim out and rescue her, our tour guide was otherwise occupied and the panga crew did not spot her, so please do not feel compelled to snorkel if you do not feel comfortable, it really upset me.
  • As British says, not everyone does the water sports! I used the time to photograph the wildlife. I have one shot of a very newborn seal pup, sleeping next to mum who seemed very content after the cleanup. Besides, I didn't want to be the woman British describes! I could see it all in my worst nightmares. Don't worry ... you will have plenty of wonderful things to see and do. This is one of those really life-changing trips.


  • Don't fret, there is much to do. All of the island visits are hikes and/or walking tours. Our group broke up into fast, medium and slow walkers to accommodate everyone's interests and pace. The sights on each island visited are so magnificent, you will not be disappointed in the land part of this tour.
    I seem to recall that whenever there was a snorkeling opportunity, there was also an opportunity to ride in a glass-bottomed boat. I never went on it, but those who did seemed to like the opportunity to view the underwater sights from a dry location. You do not have to be a strong swimmer to be able to snorkel on this trip. For flotation you have a wetsuit, and for those who need a bit more, there is also an extra flotation vest that is available. If you have never snorkeled, and feel okay in the water with extra flotation, you might want to give snorkeling a try. Explain your situation to one of the naturalists, and I am sure they will help you to feel comfortable in the water as you try this great adventure. If that is not in your sights, then the glass-bottom boat will give you the chance to see what the snorkelers are seeing.
  • Thanks for all the replies. We are really excited about this trip.
  • Looks like by the thread this is who has been writing:

    CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

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