Doing Laundry Mid-trip

We are doing the Romantic Germany tour starting 6/27/15. Given the length of the tour and the luggage size restriction, it will be nearly impossible for us to bring enough clean clothing. Munich would be a good place for us to get laundry done. We found a hip-looking Laundromat via the Internet called Wash + Kaffee where patrons can buy a complete wash-dry-coffee package. It appears to be near the hotel. By chance, does anyone have experience with this place or can anyone recommend a Laundromat in Munich. Even if the hotel does laundry, they tend to use hot water and bleach and my husband is very sensitive to harsh detergents and bleach. Also, hotel laundry rates are ridiculously expensive. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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    Susan....did you ever end up finding a place? I'm taking the tour in Sept.
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    I haven't been on this trip, but I've found that Rick Steve's books have good recommendations for laundromats. You can probably borrow them from your local library.

    Howver, I find that I'm able to do a two week or longer trip without doing laundry and stay within the luggage restrictions. Take a clothesline and wash socks and underwear in the hotel sink.
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    We also have never had a problem staying within the weight limits and not doing any laundry.
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    Thanks for the replies. We believe in packing light, so doing laundry is a necessary evil. We also usually arrive before and stay after tours. I'll check out the Rick Steves book.
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    Are you going on the Sept 7,2016 trip?
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    Marcia....we are on the Sept 15th trip.

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