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We (my wife, I, and another couple all from PA) are taking the tour of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons leaving on July 4, 2015. We are coming to Jackson the day before. There seems to be a lot to see in Jackson and we do have two afternoons of "free time" on Sat and Sunday BUT the lodge appears to be 35 miles from town and transportation to and from the lodge runs only every 2-3 hours. Does anybody have any information or suggestions? Thanks. Walter


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    We went on the 5-23-15 trip and got to Jackson Lake Lodge a day earlier. Here's what we did: 1- caught up on our sleep (beds were wonderful); 2- walked around the property there; 3- took the shuttle bus to Colter Bay and spent some time there at the Visitor's Center (great gift shop, took in a National Park Service movie there about the introduction of wolves to Yellowstone, and went on the lake cruise); 4- brought a 500 piece puzzle from home and relaxed with hubby doing that at night in the room (finished that in 2 days); 5- read my book; 6- had another wonderful night's sleep! It was such a peaceful place. You'll love it.
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    If you like horseback riding I remember seeing some taking trail from the lodge.
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    Thanks for the feedback. My wife is afraid of horses! We are already signed up for the breakfast cruise of the lake on Saturday, July 4 and the rafting trip on the Snake River on Sunday, July 5. I am afraid that we will not make it back in time from either of these trips to catch a shuttle to Jackson before noon and we will have to catch the 3:45 PM shuttle back. This does not leave much time in town. Walter
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    Many years ago, we did a true white water rafting trip of the Snake River, awesome, my children, young then,still love to recall my alternate screams and laughing. And then a lazy gentle rafting trip when our guide recited poetry to us including Shakespeare sonnets, for the whole ride, he had just split from his girlfriend! So memorable for that and the Bald Eagles we saw in the double digits! Keep your eyes peeled!
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    Was on this tour from June 13-20th, and it is awesome. For those getting to the Jackson Lodge a day early, would suggest you stop by the activities desk and book a shuttle to Jenny Lake or Colter Lake. Would hold off going to downtown Jackson, as we were taken there after our rafting trip for a three hour stay. The rafting trip is a real highlight with spectacular views of the Tetons and looks at wildlife. While it moves at a good pace, it is very stable. Don't let the waivers you sign scare you. These are drafted by defensive legal folks. You will hardly get a splash of water as you float down the Snake River.

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