Packing and other good tips for Grande Alaska Aug 22

We need help! We are inexperienced Travellers. Please! May we have your tips about how to pack for 15 days, moving from place to place on the land and then "resort style" on ship (including the cruise captain's reception)? I've read forum posts about packing 1 suitcase for land & 1 for sea (not sure how that will work for my husband). But are there ways to do laundry? And how will I have room for my trip purchases? Any helpful tips will be welcome!!


  • Hello Kentucky-2-some,
    Well I have not gone on this 15 day adventure before, but am signed up for the September 5th one. Replies to my post for that are also non-existant.
    The small number of travelers in each group makes pre-trip chat pretty slim.

    I decided to pack light for this trip by utilizing the many opportunities to do laundry. with that in mind I am packing for only 5 or six days. With layering suggested because of the uncertainty of the weather most items can be worn more than once. And it could be a great ice breaker to meet a fellow traveler.
    as in "hey I know you, saw you in that sweater yesterday!" I will be doing laundry in Denali Lodge and on the ship.

    Most stores will ship your purchases home for you, and you will not have extra weight in your luggage. when the over weight charge is $75.00 to $100.00, it cover a lot of freight charges.

    On other cruise review sites I saw that the Alaska tours allow a lot of freedom from the "formal" stuff. What you would wear to a nice restaurant at home should do very well. Remember just as you are going for the magnificent Alaska scenery, so is everyone else. You're paying for your trip so enjoy it your way.

    Post something when you come back so I know how you did.
  • Thank you, indexcards! That is very helpful. I wasn't aware of the opportunity to do laundry (properly...not in the hotel bathroom with a clothes line strung across the bathtub). With the size restrictions for our luggage and carry-on, you have a good plan. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Enjoy, and thank you for your post.
  • Back from our Alaska tour. The packing tips from "indexcards" were very helpful, including the idea to use the lodge laundry facilities (I didn't expect the lodges to have laundry facilities!). No luck getting my turn in the ship's laundry room but I didn't need it. Thank you, indexcards!! It also helped that our weather was terrific (considering we were in a rain forest) for the entire 15 days. We had a great time with a funny, experienced, professional tour manager (Jim Hahn) and one of the nicest group of people we've met on any previous tour. Happy to be in the 30% club, and some of last visitors to see Mt. McKinley. President Obama's renaming of the peak to Mt. Denali took place a few days after we arrived. We enjoyed the mountain view from a biplane, jet boat, and the deck at Princess Denali Lodge. In fact, all of the activities planned by Tauck on this trip showed us the beauty of that region; it was interesting and fun. Wildlife and all!
  • Thank you for your kind words Kentucky-2-some, I am also back from my wonderful experience with Jim and those whom I believe were the greatest group of fellow travelers ever. Even packing for short intervals, I still packed too much. Future trippers... Pack so you don't have to unload much of your suitcase every time you stop. The laundry facilities also gave an other opportunity to chat with fellow travelers. Can't decide where to go next.
  • I also am perplexed. Tauck recommends just 1 bag. How does one pack for 1 week on land (hot/cold/wet/dry ?) AND 1 week at sea in 1 bag?
  • Planning a wardrobe that allows for layering, picking some items (tops and bottoms) that can be hand laundered, choosing daywear that is comfortable but nice enough for most dinners, and not packing too many dressy outfits. No one cares if you repeat the same outfit on multiple days. They are there for the tour not your fashion show.
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