7/23/15 Castles & Kings: London to Paris- who arrives early/what you doing?

Hello anyone that made it here...

My Family is going on the 7/23/15 Castles & Kings: London to Paris-
My daughter is 13 years old.

We arrive 7/22/15 in the AM. Anyone else arriving early?
What is your family doing/sightseeing that is not on the Tauck tour?


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    MOD- I'll wait to see if someone replies but what I would like to find is - What are the top 3 things not on the Tauck tour in England ( London area) that my family could do/book reservation to do to make use of our full Pre-day & the next day prior to the 3pm start.
    The thought is check in in AM- relax/nap for few hours & then do something & force self to stay up & then get good night sleep to not have jet lag.
    We did Italy last year with a full pre day and a half & saw much in Rome that was not covered by Tauck ( trevi fountain, spanish steps, Museo dell'Ara Pacis, villa borhhesa)
    Any thoughjs on Churchill war room or Buckingham Palace w/ changing of the guard, or the Harry potter or soho, Harrods dept store)
  • Please be more specific about your interests and you should limit your site seeing to London not England as you mention. London is huge, very busy and there are scores of things to see that take hours at a time to fully explore. This will help narrow down any suggestions people might make to you. As I have said on previous posts, don't be over ambitious about what you think you can do after such a big loss of sleep on your over Atlantic journey, just because you stay up all day does not necessarily mean you will sleep well that night. I know I am a kill- joy, but it's just a fact of jet lag.
  • Castles & Kings: London to Paris... Day 4 What is this?
    "Later, it’s spy versus spy on an afternoon "spy walk," where you'll become a secret agent and try to save the world... will you rescue the damsel in distress... and what about the white cat? A very fitting event for your last evening in your London hotel"
    What EXACTLY is that? Very non descript. where do we walk- how long. Is this really a free afternoon to plan?
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    I am positive this is a typical Taiuck surprise that you might not find out until right then. This is a family tour, so it is bound to be something for the younger members of the tour. I have read positive reviews about it here in the past without actual mention of more details. Tauck often do surprises without even mentioning them in an itinerary. One of my favorites was being taken onto what we thought was a regular safari and then being taken to a couple of white rhinos, one who was pregnant. They were being guarded by armed guards against poachers. We were able to get out of the vehicles and have photos taken With them in the background. That was followed by a drive to a clearing where a gourmet cookout was prepared for us. Now I am not saying for one minute that your surprise will be as spectacular, but there have been other cute ones for us on other tours to delight people---so don't ask too many questions!!!!
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