Essence of South America -- March 25, 2016

We are booked on this trip -- along with 3 friends we met on our Israel and Jordan trip. I know it's early but I thought I would start a topic for this departure date. Please post if you are going!


  • We are also booked on this tour. We are looking forward to our third Tauck trip and to celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary.
  • Hi "Granny1"! Where are you from? We are from CT and our friends are from FL. Looking forward to meeting you!
  • Hi Judy05,
    We live in Northern NJ and spend February in Florida. We live in a 55 and over community and many of our friends and neighbors are snowbirds.
    We are also booked on Tauck Bridges Alpine Adventure next summer with our almost 13 year old grandson.
    Looking forward to both trips.
  • Thinking about going...from Kansas City...45th wedding anniversary.

    Been on Tauck tours to China, Viet Nam, and India...have met some really super people...hope this trip brings more of the same!
  • Jshuchart -- Did you decide to book this trip?

    Granny1 -- I am originally from Long Island -- lived in NJ -- and now CT. We got our visas for Brazil. Now just have to wait for March to arrive!
  • Picked up our visas in New York last week. All set to go in March. Looking forward to the trip. Right now it is snowing in NJ.
  • We are Greg and Cindy Fischer from the San Francisco Bay Area. This will be our third Tauck trip. We did Egypt in 2014 and Peru in 2015. Only married 34 years. Went to San Francisco today to arrange the VISA. Still have to pay the Argentina fee.

    See you all March 25.
  • Hi Greg and Cindy! March 25 will be here before we know it. Looking forward to meeting you both!
  • Hi ! Mitch and Jan from the Los Angeles area. Looking forward to our second Tauck trip - first one was Israel and Jordan. We're celebrating Jan's retirement. March 25th is just around the corner! Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  • Hi Mitch and Jan! Looking forward to meeting you in Santiago! We loved the Israel and Jordan trip. One of our favorites -- and we are still in touch with many of the people in our group. See you soon!
  • edited February 2016
    We are wondering if our fellow travelers to South America are concerned about the Zika virus in Brazil.
  • At this point we are not particularly concerned. We plan on following the CDC guidelines posted by Emily. That said -- we are watching developments very closely.
  • Hi. We are Edith and Paul from Miami. We are also looking forward to this trip. It is our honeymoon!!! Although we have traveled a lot, it is our first Tauck tour as most of our travel has been cruising. We have a few questions for those of you who have traveled on Tauck before. The baggage restrictions seem daunting particularly the 10 pound carry-on. Do they actually weigh the carry-ons? Has anyone looked into Jewish heritage type tours in Buenos Aires or elsewhere? On currency exchange we understand that dollars are best but we have had differing opinions about what denominations to carry. What has everyone else heard or experienced? Looking forward to meeting everyone shortly. Thanks for your help.
  • Hi Edith and Paul,
    We are really looking forward to joining all of you in South America. I fractured my knee in January and had to cancel our winter travels while I recuperated. I really need this trip!
    I have contact information for a private tour guide in Rio. He seems well qualified. Google Pedro G. Landsberg.
    We would be interested in joining a Jewish heritage tour if we could fit it in to our schedule.
    Is anyone flying from Houston Wednesday on United flight 847?
    See you all soon.
  • Greg and Cindy Fischer.

    We are on UA 847 on Wednesday the 23rd. We are in seats 2D and 2E. Come say hello.

  • Looking forward to meeting everyone. Next week!!!!
  • Hi Greg and Cindy,
    We are in 2A and 2 B. See you onboard
  • We also would be interested in the Jewish Heritage tour if time permits . . . see you all in a couple of days . . safe travel everyone !
  • Judy 05: what are your thoughts on the Israel and Jordon trip. Assume you enjoyed it as you are going on another Tauck Tour. Any advice, particularly on dress and security precautions would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.
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